Box Vs Dropbox- Which One Will Win The Battle For You In 2021?

Box vs Dropbox! People who are working in the corporate sector are really very familiar with this term. Wondering why so? I am telling you why.

But, before I let you know the difference between Box and Dropbox, you must know the connection between Box and Dropbox with the changing scenario of the working sectors in the recent days, and why this comparison is extremely vital in the year 2021.

The two years, 2020 and 2021 are probably the hardest years of all. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and we all know the result of this horrible pandemic. But, what is the relation between Box and Dropbox and this pandemic?

You see, the whole world knows that this Covid-19 pandemic significantly decreases the workforce in the office. Therefore it has become a necessity for businesses and multinational companies to find out several creative ways to continue the workforce keep going on track. Therefore they are getting help from cloud-based software nowadays.

Box and Dropbox are the two sections of this cloud storage software and they make sure that all your files and important documents can be kept securely.

Also, these two sections are so enriched that the workers or the staff can have access to the documents from anywhere in the world, even if they are not present in the office.

With the help of the internet, Box and Dropbox can have the capability to store all your data and information. This is actually a cloud computing process where a 3rd party provider handles all your data.

Now, in this field, both Box and Dropbox are the best and the perfect cloud storage for the business. They are highly rated too.

But there is always a question: which one do you choose for better results? Is it the Box or the Dropbox? Never mind though. We will today throw a discussion to compare between the two for you.

Now, before going into the discussion, let’s take a quick scan on the topics that I will cover for you today.

  • Box and Dropbox- a complete overview for the users
  • Is Dropbox Hipaa compliant? – the rules and the regulation you have to follow
  • Box or Dropbox- Which Cloud Storage is superior in the share market?
  • Box vs Dropbox for Individual- Which option is better for the individual use?
  • Box vs Dropbox: Reddit
  • Difference between Box, Dropbox and OneDrive
  • Difference between Box, Dropbox and Google Drive
  • What is the distinction between Box Drive and Box Sync?
  • FAQs regarding Box and Dropbox

Box And Dropbox- A Complete Overview For The Users

It is extremely vital for you to know all the things of any topic before you go into any discussion on them. Cloud Box and Dropbox are no exceptions to it. You must know what Box and Dropbox actually are in the cloud computing process. Only then, you can discuss them and compare them. 

Therefore, you have to know what Box and Dropbox are in the cloud computing process.

What Is Box?

What is Box
What is Box

Box, in the process of cloud computing, is an easy and simple way for storing and backing up all the necessary data and information in the cloud, whatever it may be, for business or for personal use.

Anyone who has the right can access the Box from any device and whenever he or she needs to access them. You can always avail the up-to-date version of Box as it can back- up all the files in real-time.

The founder and the CEO of the Cloud box system are Emilyn Session. Cloudbox can work with windows, iPhone app, iPad app, Mac and Android App as well and it can automatically back- up photos, music, videos, and documents that are in your computer to the cloud. Therefore, you can never miss your files again.

More than 50000 companies in the world have adopted the Box simple online collaboration tool. With this collaboration tool, the users of the Box can simplify the storage of the documents online, can have the replace of FTP and can connect with the team online.

What Is Dropbox?

There are two founders of Dropbox. They are Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.  In the cloud computing process, Dropbox gives you the service of file hosting. Dropbox for business has already been marked as one of the most valuable and necessary tools that store the data and information together in one single place.

It can create a special folder in the computer of the users. Also, it has the capacity to synchronize the contents of the folders directly to the server of Dropbox. Dropbox actually works with a freemium tool of business. It is something where the staff, who are using Dropbox, can have the facility of free account.

What Is Dropbox
What Is Dropbox

They can also have a set of particular storage sizes. And the best thing is, if you are a paid subscriber of Dropbox, you have more capacity for storage and other excellent features. You might be wondering about the Dropbox upload limit.  

Let me tell you that Dropbox can provide two gigabytes of free storage for its basic users. As for the paid subscribers or the paid users, Dropbox will provide them with two terabytes of storage space.

As for its additional features, the users of Dropbox plus can have the advanced control of sharing, an optional extended version for add-on History, and a remote wipe. Dropbox can work with Apple macOS, Linux computers, Microsoft Windows, all smartphones and tablets.

So you see, no matter what device you have, you can access Dropbox from anywhere in the world.

I guess you may stop wondering about Box vs Dropbox free. I mean to say that if you are thinking which one is free, Box or Dropbox, you have the answer now.

Is Dropbox HIPAA Compliant? – The Rules And The Regulation You Have To Follow

Now there is no doubt that Dropbox is a pro in the case of sharing or storing of documents.  Millions of users keep their trust on Dropbox actually. But when it comes to Hipaa compliance, you must be very careful whenever you are about to transfer the information of the patients.

Now if you are thinking if Dropbox is HIPAA compliant or not, my answer for you is positive. Dropbox is HIPAA compliant. But, in that case, you have to establish your account properly. Dropbox is able to obey the rules and regulations set by Hipaa for the businesses that are recently working with the covered entity.

You have to follow some rules and regulations when your business is a HIPAA-covered entity. Here are the example for you. Dropbox is a Business Associate (BA) under the entities which are covered by HIPAA.

Therefore, you have to go with a contract which is called Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the Business Associates. Only then you can work with them.

As a user of Dropbox, you can sign the agreement with HIPAA-covered businesses. Dropbox is also enriched with some special settings of the accounts that can help the businesses to go along with the Hipaa rules and regulations.

You will have the facility of controlling the access for those who are using the health information. You can also monitor the information.

How To Use Dropbox When You Are A Hipaa Compliant Entity

In order to ignore any violation of the rules and regulations set by HIPAA, you need to make your Dropbox account legal at first.

  • You need to establish your account rightly before you are about to transmit any Protected Health Information (PHI). Therefore, you have to make your Dropbox account Hipaa compliant to prevent the leakage of the data and any legal trouble.
  • It is better for you to make your Dropbox account paid at first. You can able to sign a Business Associate Agreement only if you are a paid subscriber of Dropbox.
  • Do not forget to sign the agreement of Business associate with Dropbox.
  • You have to install the security features and restrict the user access for sending and receiving documents on Dropbox. Complete the 2 step verification for that.
  • You can delete the records of the patients as Hipaa rules require a copy of all the records of the patients. Therefore, you must disable the permanent deletion option.
  •  You have to keep in mind about the 3rd party applications. They have both good and the bad side. They may be better for the security and the function for your Dropbox. That is the good side of them. But, when you go into the Business Association Agreement, the 3rd party apps may not come under the Hipaa Standard. Therefore, you have to research about the 3rd party apps when you sign the BAA.

Box Or Dropbox- Which Cloud Storage Is Superior In The Share Market?

The battle of Box vs Dropbox in market share is the hottest topic in recent days. The research of Gartner shows that in the Covid-19 pandemic, users across the world have responded to the services of the clouds that it can be increased 18.4% to $304.9 billion in recent years.

Which cloud storage is superior in this field: Box or Dropbox? This is the question that many business owners are asking nowadays. Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Box In Share Market

Benefits Of Box In Share Market
Benefits Of Box In Share Market

Box has been meeting the demand of the share market with its management of the data with the help of the cloud computing process. Especially, Box is completely beneficial for businesses that are small and medium-sized.

With the Box cloud storage, SMB’s 3Q FY21 revenue increased almost 10.6% per year to $196 million. Thus, Box has been acted as a recovery to the SMBs.

But, the rate of growth decreased compared to 11.4% in 2Q. Though Box was proved to be unprofitable in 3Q FY21, the business could adjust EPS of $0.20 in 3Q FY21 than $0.01 in 3Q FY20. Therefore, the business could see a benefit from the bottom line in operating and gross margins.

Also, with the help of Box cloud storage, businesses enhance their profits by handling the expenses of the workforce. They are enhancing gross margins with the shifting towards the public cloud. 

Benefits Of Dropbox In Share Market

Dropbox has beaten the expectations of analysts with its content management in the field of the share market. The revenue increases 13.8% per year to $487.4 million with the Dropbox cloud storage. The top line in 3Q has been increased 9% among the paid users.

On the other hand, the company’s Annual Recurring Revenue has been increased 12% to $1.98 billion. As for the long-term processes, Dropbox aims for a 28% to 30% increment in operating margin. Also, Dropbox targets an annual free cash flow for $1 billion in 2024.

With the help of Dropbox, the expenses of the workforce can be cut down by almost 11% and thus can gain a good profit.

The analysts of the share market are really hopeful with the services of Dropbox. They are now analyzing the growth of the revenue till the year 2024. The bulls in the share market expect a low- double growth with Dropbox.

So, as you can see, both Box and Dropbox look promising to share market and there is a huge competition between them. But, Dropbox is somehow more beneficial than Box as it holds a larger market than Box. Therefore, in the field of the share market, obviously, the winner is Dropbox.

Box Vs Dropbox For Individual- Which Option Is Better For The Individual Use?

As the individual use, both Box and Dropbox cloud storages are great. You can store and share all the documents of yours online for the purpose of business or for your personal reasons. As I have said, you can have the facility of both Box and Dropbox.

But there are many pros and cons that exist both in Box and Dropbox. So, you have to choose carefully which one you should use. May it be for business purposes, or for personal use?



  • Comes with free storage of 10 GB and a free personal account.
  • Simple usage interface.
  • Integrated with the 3rd party applications.


  • Much more expensive paid subscription.
  • If you are not a paid subscriber, your upload limit will be 250 MB.
  • It may seem confusing for desktops and the mobile apps as it has the different purposes for the different devices.

Box Collaboration

With the Box collaboration tool, you can make new folders, documents notes and bookmarks. Also, you can store and share your files around. Box provides you with the facility of working with the files in it. You can do it by using the web-based text editors and the Box notes.

The box is integrated with the 3rd party applications. This can enhance the workflow and save time. The box is integrated with Asana, Trello, Office Suits of Google and Office suit. 

Box Pricing

It comes with various business plans. As for beginners, it starts with $5 per month for a user. The highest rate of Box is $35 for a user per month.



  • Dropbox is free for downloading.
  • It comes with separate apps for different devices unlike Box.
  • It is accessible for a huge number of apps and services.


  • Very expensive for the subscribers.
  • If you are a free user of Dropbox, the upload limit will be only 2 GB.

Dropbox Collaboration

In Dropbox cloud service, you can have all the tools for collaboration. You can have Dropbox paper to form new files, allow different applications to create and add photos, videos etc. also, you can add your comments in any part of the document.

You can have the facility of Showcase where you can present the files to others and control the access of the files too.

Last but not least is HelloSign. It allows you to sign the documents digitally in Dropbox. Also, you can send requests for electronic signatures to the other users of Dropbox.

Dropbox Pricing

If you need Dropbox for your individual use, it comes along with several plans that suit you the best. When you will become a paid subscriber of Dropbox, you can have the upload limit of 2 TB to the unlimited storage based on your plans.

Which One Should You Choose For Individual Use?

Well, now you have read the comparison, you might understand well what to select. As for my opinion, Box is made for business, while it is better for you to choose Dropbox for your individual use.

I know there might be an argument about Dropbox business vs personal. In that case, I am telling you that Dropbox personal is enriched with its own features like huge storage space, control of sharing files, SSL encryption, 256- Bit AES and many more things.

On the other hand, Dropbox’s business is significantly made for business organizations. It can enable larger collaboration and enhance the workflow. Besides, it gives a high level of security and privacy.

Therefore, you have to select carefully when you are choosing the plan for individual use. Do research on the internet and choose the best plan for yourself. 

Box vs Dropbox: Reddit

Basically, both Box and Dropbox are the two core and vital features of the cloud computing process. However, they are different from one another in the case of their services. In the field of business organizations, they are not in any relationship at all. But they are the competitors of each other.

The main difference between Box and Dropbox is that Box allows the business organizations to run the server of their own. Also, it gives the organizations software support. On the other hand, Dropbox depends on AWS.

However, Dropbox is superior to Box. It is a better option for you to choose Dropbox, whether it be for personal use, or for the use of an entire team.

Difference Between Box, Dropbox And Onedrive

Difference Between Box, Dropbox And Onedrive
Difference Between Box, Dropbox And Onedrive

Well, the battle is only between Box and Dropbox, but also about Box vs Dropbox vs OneDrive. 

When it comes to Box vs. OneDrive, Box allows you to store and share the data with your teammates. Also, you can share the data outside the company. On the other hand, OneDrive or Microsoft OneDrive allows users to share data anywhere they want, from any device they use.

As for the case of Dropbox vs. OneDrive, you can use OneDrive for basic file sharing and cloud storage. But, if you want to create content with proper teamwork, Dropbox is here to help. It is much more versatile and makes the work simple with its versatile features.

Sometimes there are files that you can’t have the support of OneDrive. You can easily get them done with Dropbox.

Difference Between Box, Dropbox And Google Drive

Box vs Dropbox vs Google Drive: Do not confuse with the services of these three cloud storages.

Box provides you the group ownership of the documents. But Google Drive gives the owner only to the creator. No other user can access it.

On the other hand, Dropbox’s main task is to sync the documents across different devices. Also it backs up the files to the cloud storage. But, Google Drive is integrated with office suite software and here you can make files and store them on the web.

What Is The Distinction Between Box Drive And Box Sync?

When it comes to Box Drive vs Box Sync, there is actually a huge difference. Box Drive is a network drive. In here, you can access all the Box contents when you are online.

On the other hand, Box Sync allows the users to select some special files and folders as well. You can sync between Box and the desktop.


  • Is Box drive the same as Box Sync?

No.  Box Drive is an online network drive and Box Sync allows you to choose some specific documents for the synchronization between Box and desktop.

  • Is Box Sync going away?

Well, yes. CloudBox has decided to discontinue this feature. IU has already turned off Box Sync for the new accounts.

  • What Happened Box Sync?

Box sync had been disabled from the middle of 2020 by the developers. You can’t have it for the recently created accounts.

  • What Is A Box Sync?

It is a tool that allows you to sync the data between the Box and the desktop.

  • Is Box The Same As Dropbox?

Not at all. Dropbox allows the users to manage the data in the cloud. It is mostly used by individuals. However, Box is more likely to use for businesses.

To Sum It Up

Both Box and Dropbox are vital storage systems in Cloud computing. They both are quite popular and both have their own features. Now, it is completely dependent upon the users when it comes to choosing one. The users are totally free to choose any of the cloud storage.

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