Avast vs Advanced SystemCare- Which one will win the battle?

Are you tech-savvy? Do you love to engage with several works with the latest technologies on your PC?

Well, if so, then you will definitely understand how annoying and frustrating it is to work or play with a Personal Computer that has become sluggish, slow, and bogged down.

If you are familiar with this situation, you know very well that one minute seems one hour in such cases. But how to get rid of this?

Well, I also know that you need not wait till I give you the answer to this question. As a tech-savvy person you are, you are definitely familiar with Avast antivirus and Advanced SystemCare for tuning the spaces in your personal computer.

These two are the prominent names that almost all users surely love to use for cleaning up their PCs. Avast is from ‘Cleanup Premium’.

On the other hand, Advanced SystemCare is from IObit. And here comes the other question. Which one is better? Which one should the users use for the best results?

That is why today’s topic is all about Avast vs Advanced SystemCare. In this guide, you will come to know more details about Avast cleanup and Advanced SystemCare.

I hope, after going through this article very carefully, you can decide on your own what to choose and what not to choose.

So, here are the key takeaways of today’s article. Take a look.

Avast Cleanup And Advanced Systemcare- Which Antivirus Will Give The Best Results In The Year 2021?

Do you know? What is the funniest part about the computers? Our personal computers are just like living human beings. They too, get old as time passes.

But the best part of our Personal Computers is that we can revive them and make them new again, which we can’t in case of the human beings.

Amazing right? So, that is exactly what Avast cleanup and Advanced SystemCare do for you. Avast Cleanup Premium can clear all the bugs.

These bugs are the main reason for which your Personal computer slows down immensely. Besides Avast Cleanup can recognize the bloatware and all the junk files and immediately removes them from the drive.

Avast vs Advanced SystemCare- Which one will win the battle?
Avast Cleanup And Advanced Systemcare

With Avast Cleanup, you can clean the leftover residual file and the registry, if there is any.

On the other hand, Advanced SystemCare Pro from IObit comes with similar features like Avast Cleanup. That means it can remove bloatware.

It can optimize the start-up programs and increase the speed of the browser. But, Advanced SystemCare has one special power.

It can delete the tracking details from your browser. Quite ingenious! Isn’t it?

Now let’s see how Avast sleeping programs works.

Putting Programs To Sleep With Avast

If you find out that your computer has slowed down than usual, or the battery of your laptop is draining very fast, one reason is that so many applications are running in the background right now.

This is where you can use the Avast sleeping programs. You can put certain background applications to sleep with the sleeping program of Avast.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Go to the Avast Cleanup application.
  • Choose the icon ‘Speed Up’.
  • Now, move towards ‘Background and startup programs’ and go to the end of the list.
  • Find out the option ‘#programs sleeping’. Select the option.
  • Now you have to find out your program and choose ‘wake’.

Though Avast has some amazing features, Advanced SystemCare is also no less powerful than it. Let’s find out how.

Similarities Between Avast Cleanup And Advanced Systemcare

As I have said, these two apps have many features in common. Here they are:

Disk Cleaner

With disk cleaner, both Avast and Advanced SystemCare detect the unwanted files in HHD and the SSD and removes them instantly. It will increase the drive capacity.

Registry Cleaner

Avast and Advanced SystemCare have a registry cleaner that helps to optimize the Registry of Windows. They are a set of rules that are located in a folder of Windows. A user can use them whenever he or she needs them.

Disk Doctor

It detects and recovers any area that is corrupted in the hard drive.

Software Updater

Avast and Advanced SystemCare have this feature to track down the available update on the internet. With this feature, you can update the software and also can protect the computer from bugs.

Shortcut Fixer

It is a junk cleaning-up utility that both Avast and Advanced SystemCare have.

Differences Between Avast Cleanup And Advanced Systemcare

As for the differences, Advanced SystemCare has some special features that Avast Cleanup lacks.

Avast vs Advanced SystemCare- Which one will win the battle?
Differences Between Avast Cleanup And Advanced Systemcare

System Protection

It is there in Advanced SystemCare to protect the information and privacy both online and offline. It watches the antivirus and the firewall of an installed system.

Scanning in AI Mode

Advanced SystemCare is enriched with an AI model of scanning and detecting bugs. It analyzes the system and increases the speed, improves the memory and protection by the artificial intelligence mode of scanning.

Internet Booster

It increases and optimizes the browsing speed. It can configure the settings into the internet browsers that are now leading the market, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and more.

Face ID

This amazing feature can detect facial expressions and thus catches any intruder.

Real-Time Tune-Up

This feature keeps watching the performance of the Personal Computers and thus clean the RAM automatically from the apps which are unnecessary or never in use. You can have a smooth experience with your computer.

Also, there are so many extra features over there, such as DNS Protector, Ignore List, File Shredder, Smart RAM, Win Fix and so on in Advanced SystemCare.

Avast Cleanup: Review

Well, as for the review of Avast Cleanup there are some likes and dislikes among the users.


It is a very good cleaning up software for Personal Computers. It is enriched with so many tools that is quite useful for cleaning up the computer without any problem.

Also, users love to use Avast Cleanup because it is not at all expensive for them. It comes within their estimated budget.

We also have Avast cleanup pro for mac review. It can deliver proper security and malware protection which is quite effective. But many mac users also use MacKeeper for their Apple devices which include privacy protection, ID protection, and security-related features.


Users say that it is quite slow while they run it. It takes a very long time to scan the hard disk.

Advanced SystemCare Review: Reddit

Advanced Systemcare has some really good reviews. Millions of users are using it for a very long time and they are quite happy with Advanced SystemCare. This software has so many tools that Avast lacks.

Unlike Avast Cleanup, very quickly it can detect too many modifications and weaknesses in the system. It can clear so many junk files and unnecessary registry entries. Advanced Systemcare is also 100% safe for computers.

Avast vs Advanced SystemCare- Which one will win the battle?
Advanced SystemCare Review Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Is Better Ccleaner Or Avast?

Well, according to the research and as per the report of the reviewers, CCleaner works better than Avast.

Several users have said that they prefer CCleaner most of the time over Avast cleanup when it comes to the quality of ongoing product support.

As for the pricing, users love to choose CCleaner once again as it comes with greater advantages. Users have to spend almost half of the cost for CCleaner that Avast cleanup.

  • Is Avast Cleanup Free?

Well, no. Avast cleanup does not come as free antivirus software. But, Avast cleanup premium provides you with a free trial for 30 days. So, you just have to download the free trial application.

After that Avast cleanup premium will do the rest of the work regarding cleaning up and speeding up the computer or laptop.

  • Is Advanced Systemcare Good For Your Computer?

The shortest answer for this question is yes. Advanced SystemCare is not only good but also completely safe for your Personal Computer.

It is actually an optimization and cleanup software for Personal computers. You can clean the junk files on your computer very quickly. Also, it can protect your system from various viruses and malware.

  • Is Advanced Systemcare 14 Free?

Yes. You can have Advanced SystemCare 14 for free. It is one of the topmost PC cleaners and optimizers for Windows computers. You just have to download and install the application on your computer.

  • Which Is Better Ccleaner Or Advanced Systemcare?

If you are asking for better cleaning up software, I have to tell you that both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare have their own features which the users love to use.

The functions of these two cleaning up software are almost the same. Therefore, you can buy or download the application of your own choice.

  • Is Advanced Systemcare Safe?

Advanced SystemCare is 100% safe for your personal computers. This clean-up and optimization software have millions of users and they are quite satisfied with this application.

You can clear the junk files on your PC, thus increase the speed of the computer. Also, it can protect your computer from malware and virus.

  • Does Avast Cleanup Premium Work?

Actually, Avast cleanup premium works quite well for Personal Computers. It is overall useful has really some amazing features that some buyers will love to use it. But it was quite expensive too.

To Sum It Up

Millions of users have voted in favor of Advanced SystemCare for its enriched and special features. The number of users of Advanced SystemCare is continuously increasing nowadays.

Though many people are using Avast cleanup too. But, in the end, no doubt Advanced SystemCare is the winner of the battle.

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