Quickly Steps To Fix Video Octopus Not Working[Updated 2022]

Is your Video Octopus not working? There are 4 fixes that you can try to resolve this issue and that too without any hassle! You only have to –

  • Check your internet connection
  • Reinstall the video octopus
  • Update the app
  • Clear app cache files

In today’s world where the internet is even more media-focused and there are enormous videos floating everywhere on the internet, you always need some online video downloaders and converters so that you can download and save those videos. Because though the videos are very enjoyable, there are no straightforward ways to save them by downloading them on your devices.

But sometimes, Video Octopus stops working without any prior notice, and it is a very annoying problem. And this is why I am here with the solution to this problem. Read the article till the end to know what to do if you too have to face this problem.

What Causes Issues With Video Octopus?

When you face the problem of Video Octopus not working, it is hard to tell what is the key reason behind it, but there are 3 reasons that can occur this problem on your device. Those are –

Faulty Installation
Internet Connectivity Problem
Corrupt App or Cache Files

So if you need to get out of this problem, you need to fix these issues.

How To Fix Video Octopus Error?

If you encounter this issue while trying to download any video using Video Octopus, you can try the fixes that I mentioned below.

1. Reinstall Video Octopus

Video Octopus Not Working

You can uninstall and reinstall the Video Octopus app from your smartphone. First of all, uninstall the app from your phone, then visit the app store or Google Play Store, search for the Video octopus app, and then install it again on your mobile phone.

Then try to open the app and download a video again to check whether the problem is solved or not.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, our internet connection fails to provide the speed we need to download videos using the Video Octopus app. In that case, check your internet connection and see what the current speed of the connection is.

If you use a WiFi router, then make sure that no objects are blocking the signal of the router and if needed, reset the router. If you are on the cellular data, then make sure that the network coverage your phone is getting is good enough.

3. Clear Cache Files Of The App

Clearing the cache files of any app is one of the best ways to run the app in a smoother way. Here is how you can clear the cache files of the Video Octopus app from your mobile phone –

  • Open the phone’s Settings.
  • Open Apps.
  • Select and open the Video Octopus app.
  • Tap on the Clear Data tab followed by the Clear Cache tab.

4. Update The App

Video Octopus Not Working

An outdated version of this app can also be the culprit behind this annoying issue. So it is better to update the app as soon as possible because the developers always bring newer updates where they fix many bugs and make the app more functioning.

So visit the app store or the Google Play Store, search for the Video Octopus app, and check whether there is any update available for this app or not. And if you see any update pending for this app, do not waste any time and install it then and there.

So these are the methods by which you can fix this annoying issue with the Video Octopus app.

Is Video Octopus Down?

Video octopus was available as a Chrome Extension for the Google Chrome browser. But those who were using this extension for downloading videos suddenly found that the extension is not working. But why this happened?

Some people are saying that the Video Octopus server being down is the reason behind it. But the actual thing is, Video Octopus is down.

Google has removed the Video Octopus extension from the Chrome Web Store, and that is why the extension is not working anymore. So if you want to use the Chrome Extension of Video Octopus, you will not be able to do it anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Video Octopus malware?
Some reports tagged the Video Octopus as malware. They told that it is indeed malicious software and is a part of the ransomware family called the Phobos.

2. How do I download a video from a site?
If you want to download a video from a site, you can use online video downloader sites or apps like Video Octopus. You only have to copy the link address of the video that you want to download, open the site of the online video downloader, paste the link in the proper place of that site, and allow the video to convert. Once it is done, you can click the download link to download the video on your device.

3. Why I can’t find Video Octopus?
Recently, some reports declared Video Octopus as malware and Google has removed the Chrome Extension of Video Octopus from the Chrome Web Store. That is why Video Octopus is currently unavailable on some platforms.

The Final Words

There are numerous videos available and those are extremely enjoyable. But there is no way to save them or download them in any straightforward way. So people love to use Video Octopus to download those videos and save them on their devices. But in that process, they often face some problems when Video Octopus stops working.

So in this article, I have tried to explain what you should do when Video Octopus stops working. I hope you will be able to fix this problem on your own after reading this article. All the best!

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