Quick Ways To Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 124

Are You Facing Paramount Plus Error Code 124 If the answer to the above question is a yes then we have cited all the workaround to deal with the error.

Here are the solutions that can be used to resolve your Paramount Plus Error Code 124, regardless of whether you are accessing Paramount Plus through the website or an application.

View the status of the Paramount Plus server.

Your browser’s cookies and cache should be cleared. The browsers on your device save temporary information that is used to speed up the loading of web pages and their content.

  • Web data needs to be clear and paramount plus the application needs to be updated.
  • Reconnect and log in to paramount plus
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Paramount Plus

Read the article in the middle to learn everything you need about this particular error code. You will be presented with a list of solution procedures and the problem’s causes to solve.

Let’s determine the nature of this error number and the user population it affects.

Possible Reasons For Error Code 124 Paramount Plus

  • The internet may have a problem.
  • There may be an issue with the browser, which is conflicting with the paramount plus.
  • There may be a problem with the device on which you are using paramount plus.

Why Does Paramount Plus Error Code 124 Appear?

Quick Ways To Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 124

As stated previously, this authorization problem occurs on the user’s device anytime they attempt to stream the paramount Plus application. So let’s discuss “Why?” Why is this error code displayed?

Consequently, the following causes have been listed:

This error code is likely to display if there is an issue with the web browser you are using to stream the paramount Plus application.

You may also see this error code if you do not have an internet connection or if you do have an internet connection, but its speed is inadequate.

You may need to determine whether Firefox’s tracking production is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, Firefox’s tracking protection should be disabled.

Therefore, these are all the possible causes for the occurrence of the Paramount Plus error code 124. In the following section, the proposed solutions to the problem are outlined.

How To Fix Error Code 124 Paramount Plus

Quick Ways To Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 124

If you are one of those customers who enjoy watching shows on the paramount Plus app but are experiencing the Paramount Plus error code 124, you can attempt to resolve this error by following the methods listed below.

The following are the solutions to the issue mentioned above:

1. Restart The paramount Plus App

Restarting or power-cycling the paramount Plus application is one of the simplest and most efficient solutions.

Close the Paramount Plus application on your device, remove the plug, and wait a few minutes before reinserting it.

Now, please navigate to the channel you wish to stream and determine whether it works.

2. Verify Internet Connection

The issue with streaming also arises if you are not connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

When navigating the Paramount Plus platform and selecting the desired program to watch, a reliable internet connection is required.

Before any other troubleshooting steps, it is essential to determine whether your internet connectivity is operational.

3. Delete Cache And Damaged Files

This may also be why your device has a cache and damaged files without your knowledge. It disrupts the correct operation of a device and may be the cause of the specific error code we’re now dealing with.

Delete your device’s cache and damaged files to resolve this specific issue code.

Therefore, these are a few effective troubleshooting steps you can take to eliminate the Paramount Plus problem code 124.

For Android

  • Tap and hold on to the Paramount Plus App icon.
  • Click on App Info.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Now clear cache and data one by one.

For IPhone

If you are using an iPhone then you can skip this troubleshooting as the iPhone doesn’t require clearing the app cache.

For Browser

  • Go to the browser settings.
  • Now clear the browser cache.
  • Then go to the app and check if the error has been resolved or not.

4. Disable The AD Blocker

The third-party AD filter occasionally causes Paramount Plus to malfunction. Therefore, if you are using an ad blocker on your browser, consider turning it off and see whether Paramount still functions properly.

  • Enter the browser’s settings.
  • Then go to the extension section of your browser.
  • After that, turn off the AdBlock extension to see if doing so resolves the issue.

5. Reinstall The Paramount Plus To Complete

After removing the app, try reinstalling it to see if the problem persists.

  • Uninstall paramount plus.
  • Restart the device after that.
  • Reinstall Paramount Plus after that, and see if the error has been fixed.
Note: If reinstalling the application does not resolve the issue, contact Paramount Plus support to report the issue. They will investigate and provide the best solution for you.

Pro Tip To Fix Error 124 Paramount Plus  

If you're watching on Paramount +, you'll need a minimum 4 Mbps internet connection for optimal viewing. 

If the speed is less than 4 Mbps, Paramount plus cannot function on your device. Consequently, verify the speed is enough while streaming.

From the home screen of the Paramount+ app, select Settings, then Apps. Select the Paramount+ application, then click Stop forcibly. Restart the Paramount+ application to restart streaming.

Why Did Paramount Plus Stop Streaming Suddenly?

error code 124 paramount plus

Can’t play the video or stream your preferred content on Paramount Plus? We provide all the tools necessary to stream Paramount plus on a computer.

They are to be examined when Paramount Plus displays a blank screen or has problems streaming content:

  • If Paramount Plus appears on your web browser, your web browser may be compromised. Examine the cache and other unneeded extensions to remove. Remove all unwanted browser components, refresh your browser several times, and then try again. Additionally, ensure that your smartphone is compatible with Paramount Plus.
  • Turn off Firefox’s Tracking Protection – Firefox has a notorious feature called Tracking Protection. It is not a terrible suggestion, but it may result in interruptions while watching on Paramount Plus. Therefore, to continue streaming on Paramount Plus, Firefox must be disabled.
  • You must have at least a 4 Mbps internet connection to stream successfully on Paramount Plus. If the speed is less than 4 Mbps, Paramount plus cannot function on your device. Consequently, ensure that your streaming speed is enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I getting an error code on Paramount plus?

If you are using Paramount Plus on a desktop computer and it displays an error code, you likely have Ad-blockers enabled.

Ad-blockers must be disabled to stream Paramount Plus content without interruption.

2. Is there a problem with the Paramount Plus app?

If you’re experiencing problems streaming on your mobile device with the Paramount+ app, try forcibly quitting the service.

When you force yourself to leave the application, the application is refreshed, which sometimes addresses streaming issues.

If applicable, you should also verify your network connectivity or cellular data.


In conclusion, it can be stated that this issue is simple to resolve, and it can be resolved at any time by following the steps mentioned above.

However, if you did not find a solution then, you can contact support for the Paramount plus platform and request assistance.

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