Why Is My Discord Pfp Blurry Try These For Fixes

You might be wondering why is my discord pfp blurry? It can be happening because of two reasons- a common glitch that occurs on discord for mobile devices or it can be because of an issue related to ISP or web browser.

This is a frequently occurring problem and has certain solutions. It is very much solvable. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss more how to solve this and provide some proper solutions for them.

Why Does PFP On Discord Become Blurry?

It is not unusual to have a blurry PFP on Discord, because the same is true for various other social media sites.

  • And if this is happening to you, you’re not an exception.
  • Several users have complained in the past about this same issue.
  • But it can be fixed in one way or the other.

But before we try to fix it, let us first know why or what are the reasons for this error to occur.

There are two major identifiable reasons why this error might be occurring and why your profile picture might be blurred-

Reason 1- A common glitch on Discord for various mobile devices causes the pixelated image to crack while uploading.
Reason 2- The other reason might be because of the issues with the Internet Service Provider or the Web Browser that causes the mess in uploading profile pictures.

Multiple users have also faced the same blurry discord PFP after changing their profile pictures on the discord mobile app.

Can I Fix Blurry Profile Picture on Discord Mobile App?

Why Is My Discord Pfp Blurry Try These For Fixes

If you’re wondering whether you can fix a blurry Profile Picture of yours on the Discord Mobile App, then it is most likely not possible.

Once you download Discord on your iPhone or Android, you will be able to use most of the features that the mobile app provides for your discord account.

Blurry pictures are often caused by various bugs.

And since we are discussing Discord bugs, the ideal option is to repair/fix it by using the browser or the desktop version of the app.

Can You Have to Discord Server-Specific Profile Pictures?

You might have thought about this that whether it is possible to have Discord Server-specific profile pictures or not.

The answer is yes. All Discord nitro users can have their own server-specific Discord profile pictures.

It’s also possible to get access to New Discord Specific Profile Banners and so on. Although, for this you’re required to pay.

Thus, in case you’re a Discord Nitro user, and in any case, the user interface shows a blurry display picture on some specific server, then you can easily fix it.

It will also solve your Avatar-specific problem too.

Best Ways To Fix discord pfp blurry For Desktop And Mobile.

If you really want to fix the blurry Discord profile picture, you first need to log in to the Discord browser or desktop version of the Discord App. 

After you log in you will be required to re-upload your profile picture to get rid of the problem. You can try using a PC browser or an Android/iOS app browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

But it is our suggestion that you should always log in from a PC having Windows or Mac to move away from any such inconvenience or glitches.

Here we will discuss methods of fixing this problem on two major devices: the Desktop and Mobile.

Fix Blurry PFP On Desktop In These Steps

Why Is My Discord Pfp Blurry Try These For Fixes

Let’s look at how we can fix this problem of Blurry PFP on the desktop-

Step 1- At first, open an internet browser. (it can be Google Chrome/Safari/Mozilla etc)

Step 2- Now go to this Discord login page using this link: http://discord.com/login

Step 3- Log in to your account by correctly entering your details such as e-mail address and password.

Step 4- After logging into discord using your credentials, tap on the “Settings” icon that is just beside your name.

Step 5- Now click “User Profile”. On this page, you will soon see the  “Change Avatar” button. Now click on it.

Step 6- As soon as you select a high-resolution profile picture you wanna upload, just tap on it to select.

Step 7- Now tap on “Add” to upload it to Discord.

Step 8- After you’re done with everything including editing your profile picture, you need to tap on “Apply” to save the changes you made.

This is how you can attempt to fix the blurry PFP on your Discord Desktop. 

Fix Blurry PFP On Mobile In These Steps

It is also possible to fix the blurry PFP on your Mobile Discord using any browser. 

As we have already discussed that the primary reason why the picture turns out to be blurry is because of the glitch on the Discord Mobile App.

Here are the following steps that you need to follow to ensure that Discord PFP is no longer blurry.

Just follow the given steps-

Step 1– On your Mobile, open any Internet browser such as Safari or Chrome, or Mozilla. 

Step 2– Now following the given link go to the discord website: http://discord.com/login

Step 3– After that, you need to log into your account by entering your Discord mail address and your password. Also, make sure to stay on the browser and preferably use the desktop version of Discord on mobile.

Step 4- As there are a lot of components on Discord, it might get really difficult to view it all at once on the screen. To view the side panel and click on the left menu.

Step 5– Once you zoom out, click on the gear icon that is next to your name to access the “Settings” page. 

Step 6– After doing so, go to “User Profile”. Here you will find a “Change Avatar” button. Select this option in order to choose a better and new picture for your Discord server profile picture.

Step 7– After you’ve selected a high-resolution profile picture that you want to upload, tap on it to select it.

Step 8– Now once it is done, click on the “Add” button to upload it to discord.

Step 9– After you are done editing your new profile picture, click on the “Apply” button to apply all the changes.

Now move to your profile, in order to view your profile picture.

And since you’ve uploaded your Discord PFP using a browser, the picture is bound to be no longer blurry.

Discord’s popularity and usage have indeed increased over time in recent years with gamers, due to its user experience. 

Although, at the same time it is also true that Discord currently faces a severe glitch while uploading your pfp using the Discord mobile app.

As a result, the uploaded picture remains blurry.

In order to fix this issue, our suggestion is that you always upload your pfp using the desktop version of Discord instead of the mobile application.

This will make sure that your profile picture is clear and crisp and in no way blurry.

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