Eliminate Your Fear And Pick Up Video Marketing Today

Video marketing is no longer an optional aspect of business promotion. You need to use that online video editor to bolster your business or else you risk falling behind your competitors. Tools such as Promo.com need to become better integrated into your marketing campaigns.

Most business owners understand the importance of video marketing. Even so, they remain hesitant to engage in the practice themselves.

Why are so many business owners wary of video marketing? That’s one of the questions we’ll be answering in this article. We’ll also highlight how you can overcome those fears and use video to the benefit of your business.

Please read on and learn why video must play a larger role in your marketing efforts. 

The Importance of Video Marketing

Before we get into why people are afraid of video marketing, let’s first discuss why it’s so important. If you don’t use an online video editor regularly, you’re missing out.

Video has become an enormous part of our content consumption habits and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Some statistics will help drive home the importance of video marketing.

According to Statista, 27.2 percent of people aged 18 or older watch more than 10 hours of video every week. An additional 38.7 percent of people watch at least four hours of video on a weekly basis.

That’s a lot of potential customers you’re not reaching if you don’t engage in video marketing. Small businesses, in particular, cannot afford to miss out on that many potential customers. You are just giving up way too many chances to market your goods and services.

Businesses are also well aware of how important video is.

Per Techjury, 81 percent of businesses rely on video for marketing purposes. 93 percent of businesses also said they gained new customers after uploading videos onto their social media accounts.

At this point, there is no denying the reach or impact of video marketing. Video marketing is a good way to promote your business. Technically, that may still be an opinion, but it’s virtually a fact that businesses from different industries have acknowledged.

You need to use an online video editor to promote your business as well. 


Why People Are Afraid of Video Marketing and How You Can Overcome Those Fears 

Video marketing is crucial to your business. Still, even that bit of knowledge does not stop some business owners from being wary of it.

Detailed below are some of the common reasons why people fear video marketing. We’ve also highlighted potential ways to overcome those fears. 

You Fear Video Marketing Because You’re Camera-Shy 

Do you regularly watch celebrities or influencers online? They look so comfortable in front of the camera. It almost seems like nothing fazes them.

If you’re camera-shy, it’s easy to admire the individuals who have no trouble starring in videos. They are doing something you cannot and they’re making it look so easy in the process.

Being camera-shy is understandable. Many of us are very self-conscious so the idea of stepping in front of a camera is terrifying. Things only become scarier when you remember that the video will be shared online for everyone to see.

You may start to worry about everything at that point. You become more critical of your appearance, your voice, and your general demeanor on camera.

After thinking about everything negative people can say about you, the last thing you want to do is to star in a video promoting your business. 

The Solution 

There is no easy fix for being overly self-conscious. It will take time to build up your confidence to the point where you can step in front of a camera without any fear.

Getting more reps as the star of a video will also help. Use an online video editor to produce content with you as the star.

Keep up those habits and you should gradually feel more at ease whenever you’re front and center for a video. 

You Fear Video Marketing Because You Don’t Want to Release Bad Content 

Being overly self-conscious can be a hindrance not just because it stops you from getting in front of a camera. It can also be detrimental to your video marketing efforts because it can stop you from producing content altogether.

If you’re an inexperienced video creator, you may not feel confident about the content you’re putting out. It may seem amateurish compared to other promotional materials.

After watching your video, you may only notice its flaws. You may completely disregard all the merits of the video because you’re too fixated on the mistakes.

Thinking like that can discourage you from using an online video editor ever again. 

The Solution 

We’re not going to say that you’ll be good at creating videos right away. In all likelihood, the first videos you make will turn out rough. They may struggle to convey your message or just appear sloppy in general.

However, you cannot use that as a reason to opt-out of video marketing. If anything, that should give you more reason to use your preferred online video editor.

Continue using the video maker until you become very familiar with it. Keep using it so you can maximize all of its features. With continued practice, you will be able to produce high-quality videos that will prove immensely helpful to your business. 

You Fear That the Video Marketing Campaign Will Be Difficult to Manage 

This last fear is more practical. Between running your business and tending to your personal affairs, do you really have the time to run a video marketing campaign?

Creating a single video is a manageable task if you’re using a good video editing program. But what about the subsequent videos?

Maintaining a promotional campaign takes a lot of time. That may be time that you cannot spare at the moment. 

Parting Words 

If you’re worried that creating the promotional videos will take too much time, you can use templates instead. Find an online video editor that provides templates and use them to produce content quickly.

You can still take the time to work on special promotional videos for holiday campaigns and big events. For everything else, the templates should work just fine.

Video marketing must be a part of your promotional campaign. Overcome your fears of engaging in video marketing by using the right online video editor and developing a better mindset for content creation.  

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