YouTube: You’re Offline. Check Your Connection – Resolved!

You may often see this notification on YouTube: You’re offline, check your connection. This is a very irritating and annoying error I must say. But you can resolve this error by using very simple and easy tricks!

First of all, you need to log in to your YouTube account from a different device to check if everything is okay with your account.

Then you need to –

1. Check your internet connection.
2. Clear the junk files of the internet browser.
3. Troubleshoot your internet connection.
4. Reset your router.

YouTube is a video content service provider used by millions of people, if not billions, in the world. YouTube has the most number of video content viewers than any other video content provider service. 

But as it is not out of flaws, users sometimes might face some trouble using YouTube. Sometimes they might find themselves offline and get a notification on YouTube: You’re offline, check your connection.

As a matter of fact, people really want to solve this error at any cost. And that is why I am here with this article where I am going to explain how to solve this error on YouTube to you.

So, let’s start!

What Causes This Error

The letter “You’re disconnected on YouTube. Look into your connection. “usually displays when there is an issue with the YouTube app or your internet connection. These are a few typical sources of this error message:

Bad internet connection: YouTube may display the “You’re offline” warning if your internet connection is poor, shaky, or unreliable.

Problems with network connectivity: Your router, modem, or network configuration may be the cause of your device’s inability to connect to the internet.

App updates: The YouTube app may not function properly and display the “You’re offline” warning if you have not updated it to the most recent version.

Server issues: The “You’re offline” notice could appear because YouTube servers are momentarily unavailable or undergoing maintenance.

Corrupted cache and data: This error message can also be brought on by corrupted cache and data within the YouTube app.

Firewalls and ad-blockers can occasionally prevent YouTube from connecting to the internet, resulting in the “You’re offline” notice.

To resolve this error message, you can try troubleshooting your internet connection, updating the app, clearing cache and data, and disabling ad-blockers or firewalls.

How To Fix This Error

So, here are the plain and simple methods for solving this error on YouTube along with the detailed steps for each method. Check them out one by one.

  • Check Your Device

If you are trying to open YouTube from your smartphone and it is continuously showing you this error, then you should try to change the device and open YouTube from a different device. If you find no problem on the second device, then the problem lies in the first device, that is, your smartphone. So you need to check the device and take the necessary action to repair it.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

It is possible that the internet connection you are using is faulty. So you need to check it too. There are many online tools available using which you can check the speed or the status of your internet connection. And also you should check for any objects that could block the signal of your router if you are using any. And if you find an object blocking the signal, you must replace it.

  • Clear Internet Browser Junk Files

If there are too many uncleaned junk files present in your internet browser, it can give you trouble. So you need to clean them.

To clean junk files from your internet browser –

  • Open Browser settings.
  • Click Privacy and security.
  • Click Clear browsing data.
  • Click Clear data.
  • Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

If the problem still bothers you, then you should run a troubleshooting for your internet connection.

To run troubleshooting on your internet connection –

  • Open Settings of your PC.
  • Click Network & Internet.
  • Click Network Troubleshooter.
  • Reset Router

This is the last method you can try if all the above-mentioned methods fail.

To reset the router –

  • Find and press the reset button present on the router for not less than 15 seconds.
  • Wait until the reset process completes.
  • When done, power the router on again.

So these were the methods to solve the error along with the required steps for each method.

A Pro Tip:

Before trying any method, please restart your device once. Restarting the device can resolve enormous numbers of technical glitches and resolve this issue too for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix YouTube you’re offline check your connection.

You need to try to log in to your YouTube account from a second device and stream any video to check if the first device is okay or not. Then you can – 1. Clean the uncleaned junk files from the internet browser, 2. Check the internet connection, 3. Reset the router, or 4. Troubleshoot your internet connection.

Why does YouTube keep telling me to check my connection?

This is an error you face on YouTube. To get rid of this – 1. Check your device status, 2. Clean the junk files from the browser, 3. Check the internet connection, 4. Reset the router, or 5. Troubleshoot the internet connection.

Why does my YouTube say it’s offline?

It is because the device you are using to stream videos on YouTube is not getting a proper internet signal.

Why does my phone keep saying I’m offline when I’m not?

There can be a problem with your device as it fails to receive the internet signal, or it can be an issue with the internet connection as it fails to send a proper strong signal to your device.

The Final Words

You’re offline, check your connection is a very common error among YouTube users. That is why they often come online to search for a proper solution to this problem. And here in this article, I have tried to explain to you how can you solve this error and enjoy videos on YouTube without any hassle. So, all the best! Enjoy your streaming!

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