What Channel Is Bally Sports On DirecTV?

Well, first of all, if I have to tell you in simple words, What Channel Is Bally Sports On DirecTV: Bally Sports South, Bally Sports Caroline, Bally Sports Sun, Bally Sports Florida, Bally Sports Ohio, and a lot more. 

Even if all the networks are rebranded, do not let this change affect you. In this guide, I have mentioned this new brand’s details so that you can watch and enjoy your favorite channels without facing a single issue. So keep reading.

Is Bally Sports On DirecTV?

Yes. Bally Sports is obviously on DirecTV and its previous name was Fox Sports Networks. However, all the networks or channels are replaced due to this new branding. For example, all regional networks like Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Carolinas, Fox Sports Tenessee, Fox Sports Southeast, etc are consecutively replaced with the names like Bally Sports South, Bally Sports South (Carolina), Bally Sports South (Tenessee), Bally Sports Southeast, and more like that. 

As a result, in case you have subscribed to the entire pack of Fox Sports Networks, you will be able to watch and enjoy all the networks of Bally Sports. The best part here is that you do not need to pay any extra charges or additional fees.

On the other hand, if you have DirecTV, you can watch all the Bally Sports Networks on it. Also, viewers will be able to enjoy the best viewing experience on DirecTV as this provider never compromises its quality over quantity.

What Channel Is Bally Sports On DirecTV?

As all the rights of naming went to the Bally Group, the names of the regional networks of Fox Sports are replaced. But, that does not indicate that you will not be able to watch and enjoy the new channels if you have subscribed to DirecTV. 

The new networks or channels of Bally Sports won’t have some new positions. But, they have changed the listings that existed on the regional networks of Fox Sports before. As a result, if you switch to the older listing of the networks of Fox Sports, you will get the rebranded and new channels of Bally Sports. 

For example, if you are searching for a channel like Fox Sports South, you will now find it by the name of Bally Sports South. If you are looking for Fox Sports Carolinas, search it by the name of Bally Sports South (Carolina), and so on. 

Don’t be so afraid of struggling to find the listing of your favorite channel. I have mentioned the number of all the previous networks of Fox Sports at this point. Also, I have included their new names and new listings.  

The below table will help you find your favorite Fox Sports aka Bally Sports networks very easily and quickly. 

NumberOriginal ChannelRebranded asChannel #Number
1Fox Sports SouthBally Sports South646
2Fox Sports CarolinasBally Sports South (Carolina)646-1
3Fox Sports TenesseeBally Sports South (Tenessee)646-2
4Fox Sports SoutheastBally Sports Southeast649
5Fox Sports SunBally Sports Sun653
6Fox Sports FloridaBally Sports Florida654
7Fox Sports Ohio (Cleaveland)Bally Sports Ohio (Cleaveland)660
8Fox Sports Ohio (Cincinnati)Bally Sports Ohio (Cincinnati)661
9SportsTime OhioBally Sports Great Lakes662
10Fox Sports DetroitBally Sports Detroit663
11Fox Sports NorthBally Sports North668
12Fox Sports WisconsinBally Sports Wisconsin669
13Fox Sports MidwestBally Sports Midwest671
14Fox Sports IndianaBally Sports Indiana671-4
15Fox Sports Kansas CityBally Sports Kansas City671-5
16Fox Sports OklahomaBally Sports Oklahoma675
17Fox Sports SouthwestBally Sports Southwest676
18Fox Sports New OrleansBally Sports New Orleans676-4
19Fox Sports WestBally Sports West692
20Prime TicketBally Sports SoCal693
21Fox Sports San DiegoBally Sports San Diego694

I hope, after reading this chart, you will not have any confusion about the new channels or networks of Bally Sports. It’s quite simple, isn’t it? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fox Sports on DirecTV?

Well, Fox Sports is on DirecTV but you will not be able to find it if you are searching for the channels using this same name. Recently,  the Sinclair Group of Companies bought the regional networks of the channel Fox Sports. Not just that, they also sold the rights of naming to Bally, the casino Giants. So, from now on you will see the Fox Sports networks in the name of Bally Sports such as Bally Sports South, Bally Sports South (Carolina), Bally Sports Southeast, and so on.

What is the new name of Prime Ticket on DirecTV?

Prime Ticket was one of the regional networks of Fox Sports previously. But, when the casino Giants Bally acquired all the naming rights of the regional networks of Fox Sports from the Sinclair Group, it changed all the names as well. So, the new name of the channel Prime Ticket is now Bally Sports SoCal. The number of this particular channel is 693.  

Can I see Bally Sports on DirecTV?

Yes, if you have DirecTV and you have a subscription to Bally Sports, you can see it on DirecTV. 

Ending Note

All the regional channels of the Fox Sports Networks were very popular. But, one thing viewers can’t avoid is that Bally has taken the popularity of these channels to a next level. Indeed, this was a great strategy by the Sinclair Group and their plan worked so well.  

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