Simple Method To Fix Twilio Error Code 30007

Twilio Error Code 30007

Simple Method To Fix Twilio Error Code 30007

Suppose a message that you send does not get delivered to the destination device and returns the error code 30007. In that case, this indicates that either Twilio or the carrier filtered (blocked) your message before it was transmitted. 

Twilio could take this action for breaking Twilio’s Messaging Policy or Acceptable Use Policy or by a wireless carrier for violating the rules or regulations of the wireless carrier.

Fraud, spam, and other fraudulent messaging are examples of the kind of messages Twilio will prohibit. Spam and other forms of malicious or undesired communications can be avoided by mobile subscribers of Twilio thanks to the screening system that is in place.

Additionally, wireless carriers make use of filtering mechanisms in their networks. These carrier filters are utilized to restrict abusive traffic and enforce rules or regulations about the types of messages permitted to be sent to a particular nation or mobile network.

What Causes The 30007 Error?

Twilio Error Code 30007

Error 30007 Could Be Caused by:

  • Your message has been identified as having to the undesirable messaging category by the Twilio message screening system as spam or another type of unwanted communication.
  • Your message was considered unsuitable by a wireless provider, and as a result, it was stopped from being transmitted.

How To Fix Twilio Error Code 30007

If you want to fix the Twilio error code 30007, you must ensure that the message follows Twilio’s Messaging Policy and Acceptable User Policy. When Twilio sends you error messages, you can look at the list of error messages your provider gives you to learn more.

Make sure that if you have trouble making or receiving calls, there isn’t a problem with the system or the connection. You might need to talk to Twilio support to figure out what’s wrong.

So, you should follow the answer given below. If the problem still happens, check the list of error messages to find out how to fix it.

You can see the error message because the carrier policy or rules you set filter these out. For example, Twilio can sort your messages based on whether they are spam or phishing.

So, ensuring that your messages follow the rules and policies is essential. To avoid getting the Twilio error code, keep your account information safe.

If you get an invalid source address, the source carrier of your message doesn’t work with it. Also, the news may not follow the rules set by the airline. Because of this, the phone might not let the message through.

After that, you might get an error message that says, “Message delivery failed.” It mostly means that the news was turned down. So, the letter’s content was not following the carrier’s rules.

Pro-Tip To Fix This Error 

If you are willing to try fixing the problem, you must take the necessary steps.

You are the one who is responsible for making sure that your message adheres to both the Messaging Policy and the Acceptable User Policy that Twilio has in place. It can safeguard the credentials used to access the Twilio account. Consequently, there will be no opportunity for fraud or opposition.

You should try to submit a support request with three “undelivered” filtered message SIDs if you find an error and your message complies with the policies and standards.

If you find a mistake, you should try to file a support request. This will allow the support team to look into the problem.

How To Prevent The Twilio Error Code 30007 From Happening In The Future?

1. Consent And Opting-In

Twilio Error Code 30007

  • Send communications solely to mobile users who have given consent.
  • Identify who sent the message and how to unsubscribe. You must provide opt-out instructions monthly if you contact the same receivers multiple times.
  • Your opt-out phrase must include a commonly used keyword. Reply STOP to unsubscribe in the US and Canada. “Text 2 to opt out” is not compliant and will be filtered.
  • If you send messages to users over a lengthy period, check in with them every 18 months to be sure they still want them. The mobile number you’re sending to may have changed hands, or the recipient may not recall approving.
  • Daily deactivation file processing. You no longer have permission to send to a deactivated phone number.
  • Watch for an increase in opt-outs and consumer concerns. This means your consent or opt-out methods require fixing. As phone numbers receive complaints/high opt-out rates, carriers will filter or prevent traffic.

2. Aim And Choosing A Sender

  • Twilio’s SMS guidelines vary by country. Twilio updates these pages with country-specific best practices.
  • Before sending SMS or MMS to the US or Canada, ensure your use case isn’t banned.
  • Use only the Twilio phone numbers your business needs. Twilio’s Messaging Policy prohibits sending messages across multiple phone numbers to avoid message filtering. Multiple business locations or geographic areas are viable reasons to use various Twilio numbers.
  • All application-to-person traffic must be sent from a short code or a pre-registered Alphanumeric Sender ID, if available. These are two ways carriers can assess your messaging use case and improve delivery. Some nations like France restrict using local numbers for Application to Person transmission. Alpha Sender ID, if available, or a foreign number can be used for 1-way Application to Person communications. Check the country’s SMS Guidelines if unsure.

3. Message Contents

  • Do not submit links truncated with TinyUrl or Bitly. US carrier laws discourage the use of public URL shorteners and require that yours be proprietary and branded details here. Other countries may not ban URL shorteners, although it’s not recommended. Use a dedicated short domain to shorten URLs in your communications. 
  • Send URLs/links from domains you control, if possible. Similar to abbreviated URLs, use a business-specific URL when sending links. If you own the domain, you can be sure that no one else is using it to send inappropriate URLs. URLs used by other services/people are allowed and do not guarantee to be filtered. Another user of the URL domain could submit spam or offensive content, flagging the domain. Obfuscated URLs in spoofing/Fraud efforts will be screened.
  • Avoid emojis, extraneous special characters, and misspellings. These messages are usually constructed to elude detection. Thus they will be filtered.
  • Send no illegal or carrier-banned content. For more information, see Forbidden SMS and MMS categories in the US and Canada.

4. Don’t Let Someone Else Take Over Your Account.

Twilio Error Code 30007

If your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token fall into the wrong hands, your account could send spam. To prevent account takeovers, keep your Twilio password safe.

  • See Store Your Twilio Credentials Securely for details (Twilio Docs).
  • See Proactive Steps for Customers Suspecting Account Takeover if you feel your account has been compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix error 30007?

  • Consent and permission to opt-in
  • Use case analysis and selection of senders.
  • Message contents
  • Stay away from account takeovers.

Q2. Why is Twilio not sending SMS?
If there are no messages in the log, a problem has likely occurred when you are attempting to use the REST API to test Twilio to deliver the message.

A3. You’re using test credentials. Test credentials never send an SMS; they verify API requests. Using your standard API credentials to send messages would be best. Messages sent to trial accounts are complimentary.