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Know About How To Inspect Element On Discord!

Here in this article, we will tell you in detail about How to Inspect Element on Discord!

Discord is a fantastic platform that is primarily meant for gaming and is used by gamers. However, these days it is not just restricted to gaming. Discord is also used for regular banters between friends. 

Most interestingly it is used by folks to play pranks on each other using the inspect element feature. You will be able to change the user name, nickname, messages, and emojis using the inspect element.

What Is Inspect Element On Discord?

Inspect element is a particular feature of modern web browsers that are also known as Web Development tools, used by web developers to test and debug their codes.

They can work on various web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, DOM, and other components that are handled by web browsers.

On platforms like Discord, you can use this feature to prank your friends by changing their messages, nicknames, emojis, and so on. 

Inspect element does not work on the discord app, but you will have to use a web browser to open discord and use inspect element feature. 

How To Inspect Element On Discord?

If you are wondering about How to Inspect an Element on Discord, then let us tell you that there are three major ways of doing it. You can choose any of them-

  1. Through Web Browser Developer tools.
  2. Via Inspect element shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+I) for Windows and (Command⌘+Option+I) for MAC.
  3. Or by Right-clicking on the Discord screen. 

We will discuss the method of Inspect Element shortcut on the Chrome Browser. Just follow these steps to use the Inspect element via web browser-

How To Inspect Element On Discord?
How To Inspect Element On Discord?

Step 1- Open Chrome and search for the URL www.discord.com and the discord window will open. Now type your username and password to log in to your account. 

Step 2- After opening your account on discord press the CTRL+Shift+I key at the same time or just right-click on the web page. This will open a white coding page of the Inspect Element on the extreme right side of the browser.

Step 3- Now that you have opened the Inspect Element on Discord you are ready to make all kinds of changes you desire and prank your friends with fake messages in discord.

You can do a lot more on discord by faking messages, usernames, nicknames and even emojis.

Know-How To Open Inspect Element On Discord

Opening the Inspect Element on Discord is really easy. Just the right hack will open the Inspect Element window for you. 

Just use your Browser Developer tools and open it by using these shortcut keys-


And now Right Click on the Discord Screen. Your Inspect Element window will now open with several codes on the right side of the browser. Use this feature as you desire. 

How To See Hidden Password On Discord Easily?

Your hidden password can also be seen while logging in to your Discord on the Browser. In case you have forgotten your password, there is no need to go through the entire process of “Forgot password” if you know this hack. 

Just Follow The Steps- 

  1. Open discord on your web browser.
  2. A screen will appear where it will ask for your username and hidden password.
  3. Select the entire password to highlight in blue and right-click on it to choose to Inspect the Element.
  4. The inspect element window will now open and on the right-hand side, some highlight text and code will appear. 
  5. Try and look for the type=” password”, double click on “password” and replace the “password” by writing “text” and pressing enter.

Now you will be able to see your hidden password on the login password screen. This is one of the coolest discord inspect element hacks.

Avoid Discord Inspect Element SCAM

Even though the Inspect element on Discord can be a super fun element, there are definitely negative aspects of it too. People are also getting scammed via Inspect Element. 

The first note of alert that you are getting scammed is when someone asks you to copy-paste something in the console section of the Inspect.

There is a console section on the right of Inspect element and if someone asks you to copy-paste some code refrain from doing it as you might be scammed. 

When you paste something in this window you are giving attackers access to your discord account. If you don’t know what you are doing then it is better to close this window and avoid trouble.

How To Change Discord Messages With Inspect Element With Some Easy Tricks?

Changing messages using Inspect Element is great fun on Discord. Just follow the steps to do so-

How To Inspect Element On Discord?
How To Change Discord Messages With Inspect Element With Some Easy Tricks?

Step 1- Open Discord on your web browser and navigate to the message you want to change.

Step 2- Press “CTRL + Shift + I” to open developer tools.

Step 3- Select the Inspect element Icon.

Step 4- Now click on the message to inspect it.

Step 5- Change the message to any message and click at any place on the screen to save it. 

How Do You Inspect Element On Discord Mac?

Inspecting Element on Discord Mac is not that difficult. You just need to know the correct process to do so. 

In order to Inspect Element on Discord Mac, you need to do the following-

Press “Command⌘” + “Option” + “I” on your keyboard.

It will open the developer tools on discord. Now select the Inspect element icon on the developer tools. Select the element that you want to inspect.

The element’s section will now be highlighted in grey and now you can have your fun. 


1. How do I open inspect elements?

To open Inspect Element just press “Ctrl+Shift+I” on your computer after opening discord on your web browser. And for MAC users press “Command⌘” + “Option” + “I”

2. How do you open Devtools in Discord?

In order to open the Developers tool in Discord, all you need is to press Ctrl+Shift+ I.

3. How do I edit HTML in Discord?

Just click on the box with the cursor and select the text you want to edit. Now double click on the text element that has the message in it and just press the delete key.

4. How do I open the console in the Discord app?

You cannot open the console in the Discord App, you have to do it on the web browser by going to the discord website. 

To Summarize

Now that you have learned How to Inspect Element on Discord and even have fun with discord content on the web browser, then let us tell you that there are other tools in the market with many advanced features for similar purposes.

However, there is nothing more fun than pranking with Inspect Element on Discord by changing the date, text, username, and so on.

Have more fun by using this feature to the fullest and have a great online experience with your friends by messing with them. 

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