Spotify Local Files Waiting To Download How Can You Fix It

Are you a music lover? Do you love to download and play music from various music streaming platforms?  Well, for that I can say that Spotify is an amazing music streaming platform that you can trust blindly. For years, millions of users have been downloading their favourite music from Spotify Local Files Waiting To Download.

But then there is bad luck and you can face problems with Spotify too. Though Spotify is a popular music streaming platform, it can show problems that will be seen something like this: Spotify local files waiting to download. Some users also face problems like Spotify says offline android or Spotify won’t play local files. This can happen when the users try to play songs offline from Spotify.

You see, this issue can happen both in Android and the iOS application of Spotify. This is kind of similar to the problem which shows something like this: Spotify takes forever to load. Now, I understand that you are reading this article because you are facing the same problems which I have mentioned in the above lines. Don’t worry. I am writing this article to help you.

In this very article, I am sharing with you some easy and simple solutions with which you can easily fix this error. Take a quick scanning too at the list to find out what sections you would be going to read today.

  • Why does Spotify take so long to load?
  • Why does my Spotify keep stopping?
  • Why does Spotify take so much storage?
  • Spotify is currently set to offline
  • How to download local files on Spotify to iPhone?
  • Can’t uninstall Spotify windows 7?

So, no more waiting as for today. Let’s begin.

How Can You Resolve: Spotify Local Files Waiting To Download? – Know The Ways Of Fixing

Many users reported that they were having issues with playing online tracks in the Spotify application.  They were also having issues with Spotify download.  Spotify shows the user’s error messages like waiting to download Spotify in android or Spotify not downloading songs in android. This problem can happen even if you have upgraded to the newest and the latest version of Spotify on your Android device.

Before letting you know all the possible fixes for this issue, I want to suggest to you something that you may overlook. You need to make sure that your premium plan for Spotify is not expired yet. Maybe it has been expired and now you are facing the waiting to download issue.

Also, do not forget to turn your phone’s screen on while you are downloading songs from Spotify. Well, if you do not know, let me tell you that it is for saving the battery of your phone. In Spotify, you can’t download any song if your phone’s screen is turned off.

And if you find out that all the criteria that I have said above are cleared, then you need to fix this issue in another way. Don’t worry. There are several ways to fix the problem.

spotify local files waiting To Download
Spotify local files waiting To Download

1.You Need To Check The Download Limitations Of Spotify.

If you have the premium plan on your Spotify application, you are able to download 10,000 songs on one device for one account. In any case, if you have exceeded that limit, you might face the waiting to download issue.  So, if you are facing such a problem, find out if the limit is encountered or not. If yes, you have to delete some of the songs that you have downloaded from Spotify to fix this issue.

2.You Can Try by Uninstalling and Reinstalling Spotify.

If the above-mentioned method does not work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify application. It is common for the streaming platforms like Spotify to keep updating themselves for enhancing their services to the users.

Maybe you are using the old version of the Spotify application. Therefore, uninstall the version from your Android or iPhone. Then try to download the latest version of Spotify. This can fix the issue for you.

3.You Need To Clean Your Phone Storage.

Do you have enough space to download offline songs from Spotify? Do make sure of that. I am telling you honestly that you will require at least 1 GB of memory to store the offline songs from Spotify. 

Therefore, you must check your phone storage first. Just go to settings and open the Storage option. You can see how much space you have left on your phone. If there is no sufficient space, you have to clear your cache by deleting some data.

4.You Should Try By Disabling The Antivirus.

Sometimes, it is your firewall or the antivirus that is preventing Spotify to download the tracks offline. You can turn off the antivirus while you are downloading songs from Spotify.

If you are a user of Windows, you need to open the System and security from the Control Panel and then you need to go to the Windows Defender Firewall button. Then go to Allow an app or feature and find Spotify.exe from the collection of applications. Make a tick on the corresponding box. At last, select ok to save the changes you have made.

You have to go to the settings of your phone, and if your Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough, you can choose your cellular data too. In the case of cellular data, you have to go to the Spotify Settings and have to scroll down until you find Music Quality. Then

you can switch to download using Cellular.

 5.You Need to Check The Internet Connection.

It is the simplest solution that can fix the issue very easily. But you have overlooked it. If you are facing Spotify waiting to download, find out if you have a strong network connection or not. If the issue is with the network, you have to take the necessary steps to rest the network connection.

You have to go to the settings of your phone, and if your Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough, you can choose your cellular data too. In the case of cellular data, you have to go to the Spotify Settings and have to scroll down until you find Music Quality. Then you can switch to download using Cellular. 

6.You Need To Examine The Connected Device.

You can connect your Spotify account to five devices. What actually happens sometimes is that you have already logged in to the five devices, and you are now trying to download Spotify songs on the 6th device. That is why you are facing the issue.

In order to fix this, you need to disconnect the devices at first and then you can download from Spotify again.

So if you are facing issues like Spotify download waiting for a connection or Spotify not downloading songs on iPhone, you can resolve this by applying these steps.

Also, if you see problems such as Spotify taking up the space of your phone, you have to clear the cache memory.

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Load?

Spotify usually does not do that. Sometimes this problem occurs due to the management of the cache of the Spotify app. Spotify has the efficiency to store files, but that is also to a limit. When the size of the cache files increases to an extent that passes the efficiency of Spotify, it will take a long time to load.

spotify local files waiting To Download
Spotify local files waiting To Download

This issue can occur due to the SD card too. If you have stored the application files of Spotify, it becomes slower than usual.  What actually happens is that when the file size becomes too large, it will slow down the read and write time of the operation.

You can fix this by:

  • Turning of the acceleration of hardware.
  • Cleaning the cache memory.
  • Clearing the Spotify folders.
  • Reinstalling Spotify.
  • Separating the SD card.

Why Does My Spotify keep stopping?

Spotify can keep stopping for so many reasons. One reason can be the unstable internet connection of your device. This reason is very common though. As Spotify is an online music streaming application, it obviously requires a stable network connection.

Well, there can be other reasons too. If the battery of your device is low, then the battery saver mode or the power saving mode can stop the Spotify application randomly.

This issue can be fixed by:

  • Rebooting the phone.
  • Clearing the cache memory.
  • Resetting the internet connection.
  • Installing the latest version of Spotify.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the application.
  • Logging in to Spotify with a different method.

Spotify Won’t Uninstall – How to Uninstall This Application

spotify local files waiting To Download
Spotify local files waiting To Download

If you are a user of Windows 10, you can apply these simple steps.

  • At first, go your Spotify app and choose file from the menu bar.
  • Then choose exit.
  • After clicking on the start button, choose settings.
  • Go to the System.
  • Now you need to go to Apps and features and from there choose Spotify.
  • Now go to the uninstall button. Click on it.
  • You will see the pop- up menu. Click ok to confirm.

Spotify: This Song Is Not Available If You Have The File On Your Computer You Can Import It

This is one of the drawbacks of the Spotify application. This can happen because Spotify becomes slow due to overloaded files, the song you want to play is not available in your region, or you have mishandled the settings of Spotify. Also, maybe, the web player you have does not work properly and thus it prevents the application from playing the song.

However, you can resolve this by applying some of the methods mentioned below.

  • You can restart and log in to Spotify again.
  • You can replace the settings of hardware acceleration in Spotify.
  • You can delete the local cache files.


1.Why does Spotify take so much storage?

Well, it is because of the more and more songs you have to download from Spotify. The more songs you have downloaded, the more this app will take the storage of your phone.

2.Spotify is currently set to offline?

It’s because you are using a mobile data connection instead of Wi-Fi. You have to find out if you have enough data to download the songs. Also, try disabling the firewall connection of your device.

3.How to download local files from Spotify to iPhone?

  • Go for the Settings after opening the Spotify application.
  • Scroll down until you find out the Local Files.
  • Go to the local audio files and toggle the switch.
  • See where the local songs are.
  • Download them.

4.Can’t uninstall Spotify windows 7?

Follow the process properly.

  • First, you have to right click on the Spotify app.
  • Go for exit.
  • Go for start.
  • Go for the control panel and then choose uninstall a program.
  • Choose Spotify from the installed applications.
  • Click on the uninstall button.
  • Once done, choose Close and leave.

To Sum It Up

Well, handling this issue on Spotify is quite easy to solve. Just apply the methods rightly. That’s it. Enjoy your music.

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