Quickly Steps To Fix s.mzstatic.com iTunes Error

s.mzstatic.com iTunes error is an error you face when you try to use the service called iTunes from Apple and iTunes cannot verify the server s.mzstatic.com. If you encounter this problem, you will see a message saying The certificate for this server is invalid. 

You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be ‘s.mzstatic.com’, which could put your confidential information at risk. Would you like to connect to the server anyway?

Surely it is a very annoying and irritating issue. But if you want to solve this, you have 8 methods at your hand. Those are –

  • Reset iTunes cache
  • Update iTunes
  • Restart the device
  • Check the set date and time
  • Change certificate trust settings using Keychain
  • Install Apple IST CA2-G1 certificate,
  • Scan for malware
  • Contact Apple customer support.

Apple is one of the leading companies that provide several electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. but even they are not beyond technical glitches and error issues. And as I said, the s.mzstatic.com iTunes error is a very annoying issue indeed!

That is why I thought about writing an article where you will know about the methods and steps to solve this error!

So, let’s start!

What Causes s.mzstatic.com iTunes Error

You see, there are several reasons why you can see this error on your screen. It is really very frustrating to see iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server s.mzstatic.com message every time. But why does this happen?

There can be malware attacks on your device, you may have set a wrong date and time zone on your device, there can be some technical glitches on your device, there can be loads of cache files in iTunes cache, or the app you are using can be outdated.

Whatever the reason is, we all want solutions, right? So let us see how we can resolve this error.

How To Fix s.mzstatic.com iTunes Error

s.mzstatic.com iTunes Error

As I have told you before, there are 8 methods that you can try to solve this error on your device. But these methods are for different issues that are creating this error.

So it is better to perform one by one and check which one works for you. I am giving you the detailed steps for each method below.

1. Reset The iTunes Cache

Resetting the iTunes cache is always the first method that you should try. Just clear the whole cache folder of the iTunes app. Open the Advanced option for the app and tap the Reset the iTunes Cache button. That is it!

2. Update iTunes

Checking whether you are using an outdated version of the iTunes app is the second method that you should try to solve this error. Because outdated versions of apps create several issues like this. Update the app from the App Store of Apple, or if you want to use a Windows computer, then download and install the Apple Software Updater first, then download and install an update for the app iTunes using the Apple Software Updater on Windows PC.

3. Restart The Device

If there are any technical glitches on your device, then restarting it will solve the problem within a minute. That is why this is the third method on our list. Just restart your device and check whether the problem is still there or gone.

4. Check The Set Date And Time

If you have set an incorrect date and time, then this error on your device is an obvious thing. iTunes do not function properly if the set date and time do not match your current date and time. So check whether you have set the wrong date and time and fix it accordingly. This is the 4th method you should try if the above-mentioned methods fail to work.

To correct the date and time on your Mac –

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click Date & Time.
  • Choose the timezone that matches your location.

Now check if the problem has gone or not.

5. Change Trust Certificate Settings Using Keychain

Outdated, malfunctioning, or expired Trust certificates can also trigger this error on the iTunes app on your device. So it is better to change it by using Keychain.

  • Open the app of Keychain Access on your Mac.
  • Choose a Keychain.
  • Make a double click on a certificate.
  • Locate the arrow beside Trust and click it. It will open the trust policies for that particular certificate.
  • From the pop-up, select a new trust setting and override the trust policies.

Now check if the problem is solved or not.

6. Install Apple IST CA2-G1 Certificate

If the above five methods do not work for you, then you can go for this method no. 6. Here are the steps :

  • Open the Apple certificate page.
  • Download Apple IST CA2-G1 Certificate from Apple Intermediate Certificates.
  • Once the download finishes, double-click on the certificate. It will then automatically be installed in Keychain Access.

7. Scan For Malware

This is the second last method to solve this error for you. It can happen that your device has been attacked by malware. So it is better to run a malware scan on your PC. if you find any malware, then quarantine or delete it completely and then try again to open iTunes to check whether the problem is gone or not.

8. Contact Apple Customer Support

And this is the final option you have. Contact Apple Customer Support. Contact them tell them about the issue you are facing, and then let them handle it for you.

A Pro Tip To Fix This Error 

This is a pro tip for you to fix this error. Before you go for any of the methods I told you about above, make sure that you have a strong internet connection. Because all these methods need a good internet connection to perform.


Here I have shared with you the complete procedure and the methods to fix the s.mzstatic.com iTunes error. I hope if you read this article carefully, then it will not be a problem to solve this error for you. All the best!

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