Quick Steps To Fix Roblox Error Code 429[Updated 2022]

Roblox Error Code may arise due to many reasons and the main reason is that you are trying to open the Roblox page too often in a short period. The best option to fix this error is to decrease the number of service requests you are making.

When you are trying to run Roblox on your browser and you are facing the error code 429 then you are not the only one facing this error. 

If you are a beginner then you will try different ways to solve this issue but will not get the best solution. That’s why today we are here to provide you with the best solution to fix the Roblox Error code 429. 

Why does error code 429 Roblox occur?

Error Code 429 appears due to various reasons and users need to try different ways to fix the error.

The error mainly occurs due to a slow internet connection, if you have a slow internet connection then this error is very common. 

Another reason for this error occurrence is the antivirus you are using. Yes, your antivirus prevents Roblox from launching.

So try to keep your antivirus off and check whether Roblox is working or not. 

What Causes the Roblox Error Code 429?

According to some sources, sending too many requests to the API server is the main cause of Roblox Error code 429. In certain situations, users will not be able to use their Roblox account and access customer support. Even, they will be restricted to edit the games they have created. 

In general, the Roblox Error Code 429 is not appearing only on the Roblox server but it also restricts users to access Roblox Studio. It means that users will not be allowed to create or customize their avatar during this error code.

This is an authentication problem that will come to you everywhere and you can access only the Roblox website. 

Some experts have also stated that the error code 429 is also appearing when the users are trying to make multiple login attempts. In this situation, the page will show you loading but will not respond. 

It also blocks Roblox customer support, which means that you will not be able to interact with the support staff in this situation. Another cause of Roblox Error code 429 is that the Roblox team is working on their servers.

People are facing this issue for a long time and they are trying to resolve this issue to provide users with uninterrupted service. 

How to Fix error code 429 Roblox

To begin, you must first access your computer’s settings.

First, you will need to open the settings of your computer system.

Click “Recovery” under Advanced Options after selecting “Windows Update” from the list.

Select the 'Windows Update' from the list and then click on "Recovery" under Advanced Options.

Next, select the “Restart now” button.

After that, click on the 'Restart now' button.

Click the Start button, type Command Prompt, and then choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

Click the Start button and type in Command Prompt, right-click on it and select Run as administrator

You have to write in this command ‘dism.exe/online/cleanup.image/restorehealth‘ and hit enter to execute it.

You have to type in this command 'dism.exe/online/cleanup.image/restorehealth' and hit enter to execute it.

Next, click the Start button once more, type in Services, and then choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

After that, click the Start button once again and type in Services, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

To access the Properties window, you must then right-click on the ActiveX installer.

Then you have to right-click on the ActiveX installer to go into the Properties.

You must set the Startup type to Automatic and the Service status to Start in this box.

In this window, you need to change the Startup type to Automatic and Service status to Start.

To correct the mistake, simply restart your computer.         

Now just restart your PC to fix the error.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I fix the server 429 problem?

Ans. To fix the server 429 problem, users just need to wait for some time before sending another request. It will give you a retry option but tap on it only after the specified few minutes or seconds.  

If it is a common issue then it will get resolved easily but if it is a DDoS attack then you may need to oo take help from some experts for the best solution. 

Q2. How do I fix error 429 for too many requests R? 

Ans. The error code 429 is very common because people just try to send requests too frequently. Users need to wait for sending another request, if you crossed the limit, you will see a tab where you need to wait for some seconds. 

Just make sure that you have to follow the tab and have to wait for the seconds displayed on the tab. 

Q3. Does error 429 go away?

Ans. In some cases, the error 429 will go away by default but in some circumstances, you will be required to get some assistance from professionals. 

Users can also try to uninstall some themes on the plugin to solve the issue. Changing the theme is also a good solution to fix the error.

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