Reasons Why RPGs Are The Best

We’re living in a world where thousands of developers are working every day on new video games. Every year, we see the release of different video games made for multiple platforms. Some of these video games are successful, while others fail to make an impact. 

Video games are divided into different categories. We have FPS games that allow us to take control of different weapons to eliminate our enemies and Horror games that provide us with a spooky adventure. However, RPGs are something that is out of this world, as they let you explore massive worlds filled with adventures. Speaking of RPGs, if you’re currently playing World of Warcraft, make sure to check out how to buy WoW Gold in SkyCoach

RPGs have always remained a popular choice among gamers, and that too for good reasons. I am the kind of gamer who likes to play something that keeps me invested for months. If you play an FPS game or something similar, you’ll get over it pretty quickly, as it usually takes a few days to finish them. The multiplayer section, however, can keep you going for hours. 

As for RPGs, they have everything you need. RPGs are always created with only one goal in mind; to provide players with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Since the early days of gaming, we have seen such video games in the market. Dungeons & Dragons was the first one in this category, and it was released back in 1974. Since then, developers have kept on throwing more titles into the market.

Some Notable RPGs 

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular RPGs in the world. Now, even though the game was released many years ago, it is still played by millions. This isn’t surprising, considering the developers have done a remarkable job with updating their game from time to time, something that has helped them with keeping it fresh and in a good state.

Another great example of an RPG game is Black Desert Online. Now, when I say this game is the best when it comes to visuals, I mean it. There are only a few other games that can come close to how beautiful it is. The developers of BDO have surely outdone themselves while creating its world, as everyone falls in love with it quickly.

As for this year, Elden Ring managed to reach some top charts. It is the latest RPG by FromSoftware, and it was easily the most anticipated game of 2022. Shortly after it was released, there were 800,000 concurrent Elden Ring players on Steam. The game allows you to explore the Lands Between, which is filled with powerful enemies, including bosses.

Weapons and Story 

A big reason why RPG games are enjoyable is the number of weapons you can use. Take Elden Ring for an example. The game has over 350 weapons for you to choose from, and each one is different and powerful. The weapons are split into different categories, and you need to pick one for each situation. An important thing to remember is that Elden Ring is yet to receive DLCs, meaning that we can expect to see more weapons in the future.

If we talk about stories, no other genre does a better job than RPGs. In such games, the main story can take you weeks to complete. And after you are done completing it, you can do side quests, which further increase your knowledge about the game. 

Side quests can help you meet characters that you usually won’t while completing the main story. Furthermore, they also provide you with rewards that can’t be acquired through any other methods.

Finally, something which I personally love about RPGs is that they let you take a break from all the chaos and relax. For instance, if you are playing Black Desert Online and are tired of all the fighting and exploring, you can do some fishing or farming. 

If you are a fan of creating houses, BDO even lets you do that as you can decorate your house however you like. All of this helps you relax and take a break from everything else. You can always use such activities to prevent yourself from getting bored with the game. You can also earn tons of in-game currency through different methods and then spend it on such stuff. 


This was everything you needed to know about why RPGs are the best. Keep in mind that this is our personal opinion, and we, in no way, mean to say that other genres should be avoided. Every video game is here to let you have fun, and you should try whichever you like. But if you are someone who likes going on long adventures while exploring stores that are rich in lore, you need to try out some RPGs. 

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