Guide: RE 7 Antique Coins

RE 7 Antique Coins are the best add-on to your playthrough. We can say it as hidden collectibles using which you can unlock upgrades and other save points.

Well, the major upgrades that can be performed using these Antique Coins you can make health upgrade, reload speed upgrade, and upgrading to the most powerful weapon in the game, magnum.

At the start, you will be getting Dirty Coins. Antique Coins resident evil 7 can be unlocked later in the playthrough. But don’t think Dirty Coins are of no use, you can use these coins as an extra Antique Coin to unlock different upgrades.

That’s what makes this coin worth having with you from the start. So, to get this before stepping in just fire up the Resi 7 demo. Looks complicated? Hold on! We are here. Everything that you should know about Resident Evil 7 coins is embedded in our guide.

So, Let’s get started and have a very quick overview of the edges that we gonna cover in this guide-

Resident Evil 7 All Antique Coins

There are a total of 18 Antique Coins on different locations throughout your playthrough. We will mention these locations and will also discuss how to unlock them in Easy, Normal, and Difficult mode.

You might not know that Madhouse mode increased the number of coins to 33 and even many of them are at new locations now.

Location Spoiler, ALERT! Well, many gamers wish to get the exact location of these RE7 coins and many want to explore. However, here is a complete list of all 18 Resident Evil 7 coin locations:

Guide: RE7 Antique Coins
Resident Evil 7 All Antique Coins
  • Main House 1F, Hatch
  • Guest House 1F, Kitchen
  • Main House 1F, Main Hall
  • Main House 2F, Recreation Room
  • Main House 2F, Bathroom
  • Main House 1F, Briefing Room
  • Main House B1, Processing Room
  • Yard
  • Yard, Trailer
  • Old House 1F, Cellar
  • Old House 1F, Outhouse
  • Old House 2F, Altar
  • Testing Area 1F
  • Testing Area 2F
  • Wrecked Ship 1F, Vent
  • Wrecked Ship 1F
  • Wrecked Ship 3F, Control Room
  • Wrecked Ship S2

Now, you know the locations, then what are you waiting for, hurry up and grab them all.

Also, we will later mention all locations in the Madhouse Mode from where you can grab all Antique Coins, using which you can unlock upgrades early in the game.

But, first, let’s get clear with-

What Does Resident Evil 7 Stabilizer Means?

Stabilizers are one of the most effective weapons reloading items and due to this advanced feature, it gets listed among the most Consumables Items in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and in Resident Evil 7 Birdcage.

Talking about its appearance it somewhat looks like a small syringe that increases Ethan’s reload speed permanently for all weapons you see throughout your playthrough.

If something comes with this amazing feature then it’s obvious that finding it will be really tough, but undoubtedly it’s well worth the effort.

Guide: RE7 Antique Coins
What Does Resident Evil 7 Stabilizer Mean

Don’t worry! We can help you out with the exact locations where you will be finding these Stabilizers-

  • In exchange for 5 Antique Coins, you can get this Stabilizer ‌inside the Yard locked birdcage.
  • ‌After solving a shadow puzzle you can unlock the locked chest located in the Yard.
  • To solve this puzzle first pick up the Toy Axe from the Attic and then hold it in a way that it forms the number 7.

Well, that’s what Stabilizer means and where to get this, but have you ever got confused about where the Coins are in Madhouse Mode. If yes, then here’s everything about-

RE7 Madhouse Coins Locations

You have to start with playing the Derelict House Footage on the TV in the Guest House located on the first floor. At the time it starts you have to first back up and search for a Lock Pick on the floor.

Now, start following the others until you reach the Kitchen in the house.

Using the Lock Pick you have to unlock the locked drawer located exactly opposite of the sink at one side of the room.

But before unlocking you have to first finish the video and then only you can step into the Kitchen as Ethan. Now, open the drawer, and BOOM you got an Antique Coin.

Likewise here are the other Madhouse RE 7 Antique Coins locations-

  • In the Living Room, Main House. It’s exactly located next to where you first wake up. Get in the marked position and find the small vase, most probably on the TV. Check inside the vase and you will find an Antique Coin.
  • When the deal is done with Jack in the Garage, start climbing on the ladder. When you are at the top, look to your left and there you will notice an Antique Coin.
  • Step into the Main Hall, and then turn your left. Walk towards the table in the corner and there you will see an Antique Coin inside.
  • When you are in the Recreation Room, just check next to the Scorpion Door and there you will see a small vase, examine it. An Antique Coin is inside the vase.
  • To get an Antique Coin to look behind the painting frame at the top of the wrecked stairs. It’s on the second floor, Main House.
  • Walk into the Main House and then check out the toilet located in the Drawing Room. Search carefully the Antique Coin here has no fixed location.
  • An Antique Coin is also present in the Processing Area, Incinerator Room. Where you have to look for a yellow plate, most probably present below a gurney.
  • On your way to the Snake Door located in the Processing Area, you can get an Antique Coin. To grab it, you have to look for a metal cart, on examination you will find it.
  • In the Dissection Room, Processing Area, you can get one Antique Coin which is present inside the box.
  • In the Yard you will notice a piece of metal covering the hole. Remove it and simply crawl into it, there you will find an Antique Coin.
  • Outside the Dining Room, Old House, you will find an Antique Coin on the left side of the deck.
Guide: RE7 Antique Coins
RE7 Madhouse Coins Locations
  • In the Gallery of the Old House, you will find an Antique Coin just underneath a table having a number of boxes right upon it.
  • You will find an Antique Coin on the broken boards located on the left of the spider painting wall.
  • An Antique Coin is right inside the drawer of the end table in the Old House. But make sure you go to the scale with a lantern only.
  • On the way to Greenhouse you can grab an Antique Coin present inside the speaker box which you can see when you climb out of the hole, it’s on the left.
  • Go back downstairs after completing the boss battle in Greenhouse. On the way towards the exit you have to look for a green workbench, an Antique Coin is on it.
  • Move across the Crow Door, Main House and you will get an Antique Coin.
  • Once you find the sitting charred move towards the next door and look for a shelf. You will find an Antique Coin on the shelf.
  • On the Wrecked Ship walk into the Laundry Room through the double doors. Inside the room find the laundry machine where you will find an Antique Coin.
  • When you go down to find a blocked-off exit on the fourth floor in Wrecked Ship, you will notice an Antique Coin at the bottom of the stairs.
  • You will find an Antique Coin just outside the Save Room in the Wrecked Ship (second floor). It’s on a small table and quite difficult to spot.
  • From the Dining Room you will notice a small room connected to it, walk into the room and look for a flower vase. An Antique Coin is inside the vase.
  • Find some Corrosive and then step towards the Control Room located on the third floor of the Wrecked Ship. Now, melt the lock on the door and then walk till the end of the hall to find an RE 7 Antique Coins.
  • When you enter the Engine Room in Level S2 of the Wrecked Ship just look at the bottom right of the door, you will see an Antique Coin there.
  • On the Wrecked Ship you have to step into the Engine Room first. There you will notice a safe and an Antique Coin is inside it, but to unlock this you need Corrosive.
  • On the Wrecked Ship, when you take control of Ethan back you will be stepping toward a room with a fence. Here you find an Antique Coin right on the desk.
  • When you come across Swamp you will find an RE 7 Antique Coins in the water. The exact location in the water is near to the place where you have to vault onorthver a log.

Hope you are now clear with Madhouse Coin locations, and now have a look on-

What Are Resident Evil 8 Lockpick Locations?

The RE7 Lockpick is one of the most useful items when it comes to exploration.

Being so useful these are some of the most confusing sections of RE 7 Antique Coins. Players get confused with Lockpick locations and where to use them, spending hours to find them. But knowing Lockpick’s location and its uses will make your gameplay easy and stunning.

So, here’s the complete list of all Lockpicks locations where we can use them in RE 7 Antique Coins-

Guide: RE7 Antique Coins
What Are Resident Evil 7 Lockpick Locations
  • Guest House, outside – Here you have to just turn around when you start the Derelict House tape.
  • Processing Area, B1 Main House – It’s located right inside the container next to the Scorpion Key.
  • Yard – The exact location is in the pot. More clearly we can say it’s on the right when you leave the Main House.
  • Old House – Outside, somewhere near to the northeast porch.
  • Kid’s Room, 2F Main House- check inside the vase placed on the shelf.
  • Master Bedroom, 2F Main House – Right inside the box present on the desk.

Wrecked Ship 3F Shaft- You can only access this via the east room on 2F.

It’s all about the Lockpick locations where to use them, now have a look at-

That’s all about Resident Evil 7 all antique coins and their locations. Now, it’s time to look at some most commonly asked questions-

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I Spend Old Coins In Re7?

Old coins are like extra Antique Coins. Yes, you heard it right, this is like Antique Coin which gets left out in the wallet from the beginning. You can use these coins to kick start and boost any upgrade.

These old coins play a very crucial role when you don’t have any Antique Coins.

  • Where Are All The Antique Coins In Re7 Madhouse?

In Madhouse mode, there is a total of 33 Antique Coins. That means you have to put more effort as new places are added and many spots are now bare that used to have coins earlier. We have already discussed these coins in detail above.

  • What Happens When You Break All The Bobbleheads In Resident Evil 7?

By breaking the hard-to-find bobbleheads you can unlock Mr. Everywhere Statuettes, named Biohazard in your Resident Evil 7. These are a type of collectible that can be obtained after destroying all 20 bobbleheads.

Moreover, breaking all these bobbleheads at once during your playthrough will be The Essence of Defense and also the Walking Shoes for your upcoming playthrough.

  • What Does The Attack Coin Do In Re7?

When you are in Ethan’s inventory this Attack Coin can be used to increase Ethan’s attack power and also has a passive effect. This Attack Coin takes up only one block of Ethan’s inventory space, which isn’t that good.

Moreover, it can be stacked with the Universal Coin Assault Coin.

  • What Do The Coins In Re7 Do?

Almost every Resident Evil 7 player knows what crucial role coins make in the game. These Antique Coins have to be explored and grabbed from different locations throughout the game.

You can use these coins to purchase special items and boost up an upgrade. It’s great to have that which you can’t find anywhere else in the game.

Final Words

With Antique Counts you can make your Resident Evil 7 playthrough quite easy and more exciting. But finding these RE 7 Antique Coins is not that simple if you don’t know the exact location of these coins.

However, after this guide, we don’t think you have to go anywhere else. Along with this we also have listed which Antique Coins resident evil 7 you have to use where like in Madhouse.

If you have any queries related to this, make sure you drop them down in the comments.

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