How To Fix Netflix Error Code Nw-3-6

Netflix Error Code Nw-3-6

How To Fix Netflix Error Code Nw-3-6

If you’re a Netflix user then you must have come across the Netflix error code nw-3-6 at least once for sure. You can fix this error code by restarting your device, resetting your network, turning off your VPN, verifying your DNS settings, and resetting your router or modem.

In this article, we will discuss every aspect of this error and suggest ways to fix it.

What Is Netflix Error Code NW-3-6?

This is a very common error and it is always accompanied by a message that reads- ” We are having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit:”

A lot of Netflix users have complained about this error very frequently. However, this is primarily associated with their internet connection.

This error usually means that there are some network connectivity issues. 

And it generally means that your home network is not configured properly or your internet connection isn’t working.

Or maybe your router or modem is having a technical problem.

What Is Causing Netflix Error Code NW-3-6?

Netflix Error Code Nw-3-6

Tech experts have not been able to identify any such specific causes, but a few factors might be responsible for causing this error.

We have tried to list the two major suspected causes for this error, here they are-

  • Configuration Issues- This error may be occurring due to a case of configuration issue with your local ISP or the device you are using. 

This might be interrupting the connection to the streaming service.

  • Internet connection issues– The Netflix error code nw-3-6 can also occur as a result of connectivity issues with your local internet service provider.

There might be some other reasons behind this, but we have not been able to detect those yet.

Know How To Fix Netflix Error Code nw-3-6 In The Best Possible Ways!

We will try and discuss a few of the fixes that you can try to fix the error code nw-3-6 on your Netflix app.

Try these fixes-

Fix 1- Restart Your Device

Restarting your device will help you remove all the Netflix cache that’s deposited in the memory.

This method is known to work at least 3 out of 5 times. Just turn off your device and turn it on again. The error will automatically get fixed.

Fix 2- Check Your Internet Connection And Restart Your Network

There might be a problem with the router or modem that you’re currently using. In case it is not connected to the internet, you will not be able to stream any content on it.

If the above solution of restarting your streaming device doesn’t work, then restarting/resetting your network connection might prove effective.

Fix 3- Turn off your VPN

In case you are using any VPN on your device, try turning it off. VPN can block Netflix from locating your region.

As a result, it could trigger geofencing based on regional restrictions.

Turn it off to get rid of this error. 

Fix 4- Verify your DNS settings

In case you are trying to stream Netflix on any gaming console, this can get tricky. If your DNS settings are incorrect, you cannot stream any content.

Even in the case of some other devices, you might be required to change the DNS settings.

1. For PlayStation – Settings> Network Settings> Internet Connection Settings> Custom> Wi-Fi connect and follow the given settings –

  • IP address settings- Automatic.
  • DHCP hostname- Don’t set.
  • DNS Settings- Automatic.
  • MTU- Automatic.

2. Proxy Server- Don’t Use.

  • For Xbox- Settings> System Settings> Network Settings> Network> Configure Network> DNS Settings> Automatic> Restart Xbox.

Fix 5- Reset Router/Modem

To fix this error, try resetting your router or modem which is the source of the internet connection in your home. Resetting them might solve the problem.

How To Reset Netflix On A Smart TV Easily?

Netflix Error Code Nw-3-6

If you are unable to play Netflix on your Smart TV even after resetting or repairing your network, then you may need to reset Netflix on your Smart TV.

  • However, let us tell you that there is no option to technically reset the Netflix app on your Smart TV.
  • However, you can always ensure the fact that the Netflix app is updated. 
  • These updates generally happen automatically, but in case you want to be sure that you didn’t miss any updates just uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • In case there is a pending update, this act would trigger it and the latest version of the all will be installed.
  • This might solve any issues that you are encountering while using the app on the TV.

How Do I Fix Netflix App Error?

Apart from the Netflix error code nw-3-6, other errors might occur on your Netflix app. 

There are no such specific steps to fix every error occurring on Netflix, however, these steps can fix most problems-

Step 1- Turn off your device and then turn it on again.

Step 2- Clear the data on your Netflix app from settings.

Step 3- Reinstall the Netflix app on the device again.

Step 4- Now restart your home network and reset your home connection.

Step 5- In case your home network is not up to the standards of the Netflix app, consider improving it or getting a better connection.

Following these steps might solve your error on the Netflix app.

Why Is Netflix Not Connecting To the Internet?

If your Netflix app or even the website is showing Not connected to the internet, then most probably your internet connection is not working.

Even if you are using the Netflix website, this can happen. 

To solve this issue, you can follow these troubleshooting steps-

Step 1- Check your network speed and check the speed required to run Netflix. (In case it is lower than the specified speed, you need to upgrade your internet connection.)

Step 2- Restart your home network.

Step 3- Now restart your device be it PC, mobile, or any other device.

Step 4- Now reset the Netflix app by uninstalling and reinstalling again.

Step 5- Restore your default connection settings.

Step 6- Turn off all your VPN, proxy, or any unblocker apps and services.

Step 7- In case nothing helps contact your internet service provider.

Following these steps might solve your internet connectivity issue with the Netflix app.


If you are a Netflix user then getting an error code on the app is a mundane thing. It is not surprising or alarming. Similarly, Netflix error code nw-3-6 is a very common error that occurs with almost all users. 

As we have told you this error mainly occurs as a result of internet connectivity. Therefore, you must ensure the fact that you have a stable internet connection that lives up to the standards and criteria of the Netflix app.

We have provided a detailed list of solutions that you can apply to fix this error code. Usually, these methods are capable of fixing the error, however, in case none of this helps you can contact Netflix’s customer service to get assistance on the issue.