Confused About How To Self Assign Roles In Discord? Here’s Everything To Know!

If you have joined a discord server recently and wondering how to self assign roles in discord, we have all the answers for you!

Only admins get to choose user roles on a Discord server by default. However, users should also get the chance of choosing their roles. 

Even though there is no option to do that in the settings, Discord bots will easily help you in doing so.

Wondering How To Add Self Roles In Discord?

Having a massive server and as an admin, it is very difficult to manage and assign roles to everyone.

It is suggested that you better add your own roles to the server. In that way, you get your desired roles and the server is better organized.

The best way to add self roles in discord is to use a discord bot. 

There are various discord bots available online such as Carl bot, Mee6, Nadeko and so on.

Know How To Set Up Self Roles In Discord

add self roles in discord
Know how to set up self roles in discord

Roles allow you to organize the server and help in customizing the member’s permission.

Use any Discord bot to assign self roles on your discord server. Some bots best perform on your personal computer and some work well on your mobiles.

The Carl Bot is the ideal solution when you want to set up self roles in discord on your pc. It provides a high limit of reaction roles up to 250 roles.

Whereas, when it comes to mobiles MEE6 and Nadeko are the best. 

MEE6 provides a superior user-friendly UI experience and several brand new add on features.

Nadeko on the other hand is a feature-rich discord bot having numerous codes, you need to select the one that is best for you.

All these bots help in adding self-assigned roles in your discord server and help you to organize better.

Don’t Know How To Give Yourself Roles On Discord?

Are you still thinking about how to self assign roles in discord? Here’s how to do it!

After inviting a Discord Bot it is easier to follow some simple steps to add roles to yourself-

add self roles in discord
Don’t Know How To Give Yourself Roles On Discord?
  • Start by navigating to your discord server.
  • On the right sidebar, click on the “down arrow” icon that is next to your server’s name.
  • Click on the “Server Settings” and go to your server’s settings.
  • On the right sidebar, click on the “Roles” button.
  • Select the “+” icon next to “Roles”.
  • Name the role as you desire.
  • Lastly, make sure to activate the “Display role members separately from online members” setting.

Once you are done with all these steps you will be done assigning a role to yourself on your discord server. 

How Do I Disable The Reaction Roles Plugin?

If you have used any discord bot to self-assign reaction roles on your server, you might also need to know how to disable Reaction Roles.

Here are the steps to do so-

  • Go to the dashboard of the Discord bot and click on “Reaction Roles”.
  • Click “Disable” on the top right corner.
  • Now go to your discord server and remove the post made by the bot.

By using a few simple steps your Reaction Roles plugin can easily be removed.

Use Of Self Assign Roles Discord Carl Bot

Carl Bot will easily help you in self assigning roles on Discord on your pc. 

It provides several features like reaction roles, logging, moderation, suggestions and many more. 

add self roles in discord
Use of self assign roles discord mobile bot

This is what makes it the ideal choice for discord server users.

All you need to do to use the Carl bot is to follow the steps-

  • Visit the Carl Bot Website and click “Invite” on the top navigation bar.
  • Choose the server you want to invite the Carl bot to and press “Continue”.
  • Click “Authorize” and complete the CAPTCHA.
  • Open your Discord Server.

As soon as you open your server Carl Bot will appear and you can easily use it self assign roles on your server.

Use Of Self Assign Roles Discord Mobile Bot

If you’re thinking about how to self assign roles in discord using your mobile phone, then all you need is a discord mobile bot.

Mee6 is an excellent Discord bot that will easily help you add any roles or rection roles to your Discord server on your Android/iPhone. 

It provides an extremely user-friendly UI, and a variety of new features to use on your server. 

Get To Know How To Assign Roles In Discord With Reactions

You can always use Carl Bot to assign your roles in discord with reactions. Just invite the Carl Bot to your desired server and follow the steps-

  • Invite the Carl bot to your desired server.
  • Go to your Server Settings and click on Roles and assign a name to your Role.
  • After choosing roles it is time to add reactions to them. Head over to any text channel.
  • In that text channel type “?reactionrole make” in the chat.
  • Type the channel that you want to enter the reaction roles in. 
  • Add description, colour and colour to the roles.
  • Add names and emojis to the role.
add self roles in discord
How do I disable the Reaction Roles plugin?

No Need To Worry About How To Make Reaction Roles On Discord Mobile

Adding reaction roles to your discord server using mobile phones (Android/ iPhone) has never been easier.

All you need to use is the Mee6 bot to do so. Follow the steps-

  • Go to the official Mee6 Website using your browser. You will be prompted to sign in to your discord account.
  • Allow the Mee6 bot to access your account.
  • Select the server where you want the Mee6 bot to add reaction roles. 
  • Click on Plugins, select Reaction Roles and press Yes to accept the plugin.
  • You must follow the on-screen guide and fill in all the necessary details such as the details of the channel, short messages, images and so on.
  • Select “Save”
  • Make sure to update the Discord Permission section to allow everyone to Read Messages and Add Reactions.

Types Of Self-Assigning Roles On Discord

You can self-assign various types of roles on your desired discord server. We are providing you with a few types of self-assigning roles for your work and entertainment server.

For Work Server, you can use-

  • CEOs = Administrators
  • Managers = Mods
  • Clients = Members
  • Drones = Staff
  • Fax Machines = Bots

If you have an entertainment server dedicated to movies or games, you can use-

Marvel Cinematic Universe-

  • Avengers = Administrators
  • Guardians of the Galaxy = Mods
  • Spider Man = Staff
  • Agents of Shield = Members
  • Thanos = Bots

There are many other types of roles that you can self-assign depending on your server type.

To Summarize

It is essential to add roles in Discord, especially if you intend to organize the members.

In case you have a large server assigning roles to everyone is difficult, so your members can choose their own roles.

There Is Nothing To Worry About How To Self Assign Roles In Discord!

 All you need to do is to use a discord bot and follow the above-discussed steps.

Choose your own roles based on the server.

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