How To Jailbreak A Firestick Easily {Updated 2023}

As a Firestick user, you might often want to know how to jailbreak a Firestick. Jailbreaking a Firestick allows users to install popular streaming applications for free shows and movies. So, to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick, you need to-

  • Install the APK Downloader on Amazon Firestick TV
  • After that, adjust the privacy settings of the Amazon Firestick. 

Amazon Firestick TV is a wonderful device that lets you stream content from so many popular apps. But, you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to enjoy movies, Tv shows, and more. Also, for some people, these subscription fees are not at all cheap. So, they might want to know how to jailbreak a Firestick. 

Don’t worry! This article gives you a detailed guide on how you can jailbreak a Firestick TV. Keep reading.  

Is It Safe And Legal To Jailbreak An Amazon FireStick?

Jailbreaking a Firestick is quite simple. This process lets you unlock Firestick and enjoy endless TV shows, movies, and other content without paying any subscription fees. If you jailbreak an Amazon Firestick, you will get access to all those restrictions that are placed on your device. 

This process also needs you to install 3rd-party applications. But, you will not be able to get those applications and services on your Amazon App store. In short, the process of jailbreaking is nothing but hacking the Amazon Firestick. However, you should also keep in mind that you are not doing any harm to your device. 

Now, if you are thinking about whether it is safe and legal to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick, you do not need to be afraid. Jailbreaking an Amazon Firestick is completely safe as this process will not include changing any system files on your Amazon Firestick TV. 

On the other hand, you will not have to get access to the root files on the operating system of the Firestick TV. The process of jailbreaking a Firestick TV does not also include exploiting any core files. You just need to be an expert in technology. That’s it.  

Also, jailbreaking an Amazon Firestick is 100% legal. You just have to download some 3rd-party apps. This process also does not ignore your device’s warranty. 

You just need to remember that the apps you will install for jailbreaking are not regular apps. They will give you access to unrestricted shows. So, you need to use those apps and services very carefully. 

How Can You Jailbreak An Amazon Firestick?

If you follow the below-given steps properly, you will be able to jailbreak your Amazon Firestick TV within a few minutes. So, here are the steps to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick.

Step 1: You Have To Download The APK Downloader On Your Firestick

As I have mentioned earlier, the process of jailbreaking includes installing some 3r-party apps on your Firestick that are not available on the Amazon app store. You will need to install a facilitating application to have the 3rd-party apps. You should do this because Amazon Firestick does not allow direct downloads via browsers. 

how to jailbreak a firestick

So, you will need the Downloader App. 

  1. Open the Amazon Firestick TV.
  2. Go to the Home Menu.
  3. Choose the Find option. 
  4. Type Downloader on the search bar.
  5. Once found, select it. 
  6. Choose the Downloader option when you see the next window.
  7. Select Download.
  8. Wait for the installation procedure. 
  9. After that, choose the open option to launch the app. 
  10. Dismiss all the prompts and allow all permissions. 
Step 2: Adjust The Privacy Settings

You will have to tweak the settings of your Amazon Firestick TV if you want the jailbreaking process to work. 

how to jailbreak a firestick

  1. Open the Amazon Firestick TV.
  2. Go to the Home Menu.
  3. Open settings by selecting the gear icon.
  4. Select the My Fire TV option. 
  5. Go to the developer option. 
  6. Turn on ADB Debugging.
  7. Choose the option to install unknown apps. 
  8. Select the Downloader button and turn it on. 
  9. Select the back button on your Amazon Fire TV remote. 
  10. Once you go back to Settings, choose Preferences. 
  11. Select Privacy Settings.
  12. Disable the following options: 1. Device usage data 2. Collect app usage data.
  13. Again go to Preferences by pressing the back button on the remote.
  14. Choose Data Usage Monitoring and turn it off. 

Note: Now you can use multiple jailbreak apps such as Kodi, Cinema HD, Live Net TV, Peacock TV, and a lot more. 

Here is how to install the Kodi app.

  1. Open the Downloader app. 
  2. Choose the text box.
  3. Write the following:
  4. Choose the Go button.
  5. It will download the Kodi 20 Nexus APK.
  6. Install the program.
  7. You will get a notification on the Firestick after Kodi is installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you jailbreak a Firestick yourself?

Ans. If you are an expert in technology and have the proper knowledge, you will be able to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick in a few minutes. For jailbreaking an Amazon Firestick TV, you will have to download and install some third-party applications and services. After that, you will have to adjust the privacy settings of your Firestick. You will also need root permissions for jailbreaking. 

Q2. What is the best program to jailbreak a Firestick?

Ans. Jailbreaking a firestick is actually quite easy. Also, it is both safe and legal. But you should always use a VPN if you are using a jailbroken Firestick. So, here are the best programs by which you will be able to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick TV.

  • Kodi
  • Cyberflix TV
  • TeaTV
  • HD Streamz
  • BeeTV
  • Cinema HD APK
  • Live Net TV
  • Peacock TV

Final Thoughts

It is always recommended to stream movies, Tv shows, and other content in the public domain to avoid any legal trouble. We also recommend using a VPN if you are using your jailbroken Amazon Firestick TV. At the same time, we always respect your desired privacy. Best of luck and enjoy your favorite shows on Amazon Firestick!  

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