How To Enable USB Debugging On Android With Black Screen

If you are an Enable USB Debugging On Android With Black Screen, then it is surely a tough time for you. A black screen means you cannot do anything with your phone. You cannot call, message, chat or even access the data stored in your mobile phone.

But still, there is good news for you. You can still access the data and take it to your computer. For that, you will need to learn how to enable USB debugging on android with a black screen.

Here in this article, we will discuss the methods by which you can restore the data saved in your phone and save it to your personal computer.

Android – Enable Usb Debugging Without Screen

I know what is going on rapidly in your mind. If the screen is black, how will you enable the USB debugging? If it is not on, USB transfer won’t be possible.

Here are the steps of how to enable USB debugging on a broken screen.

Use A Mouse

You can use a mouse or an OTG cable to get your data back. The only thing you need to have is an OTG supported android mobile phone. And if you do not know whether your mobile is OTG supported or not, you can still check the COMM section to see whether the phone is OTG supported or not.

Then follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the task.

  • Connect the OTG adapter with your phone.
  • If you want to use your phone through your computer, you have to mirror your phone screen.
  • Use your mouse to enable the debugging facility. Go to Settings > About Phone > Developer Options using your mouse connected to your PC. Tap Back to back 7 times on the Build number to enable the Developer Options.
  • Get back to About Phone > USB Debugging. Turn the debugging facility on.
  • Tap on OK to enable the USB debugging.

Voila! You have successfully enabled USB debugging on your phone!

How To Turn On Usb Debugging When Phone Is Off

In this case, you might work a little more. You see, when the phone is totally turned off, it is not possible to access the data in it, for obvious reasons. If you have startup problems with your phone, there is a slight chance to recover the data saved in it.

Here is how to do it.

Enable USB Debugging On Android With Black Screen
How To Turn On Usb Debugging When Phone Is Off
  • First, get a compatible HDMI to USB cable and an OTG cable.
  • Connect the OTG cable to your android mobile.
  • Connect the HDMI to USB cable to your laptop/desktop and put the other end into the OTG cable. That is how you connect your phone to your PC.
  • Boot your mobile into fastboot mode using the proper keys. In most mobile phones, it is the power + volume down button. Hold these two buttons for a few seconds until your phone boot in fastboot mode.
  • Make sure you have ADB and fastboot drivers installed in your PC. Via these drivers, you won’t need to turn USB debugging on. You will be able to do everything via fastboot cmd.

Revoke Usb Debugging Authorization

This is the process by which you can revoke USB debugging authorizations. If you apply it, the access to all PCs you gave earlier will be revoked. You can revoke USB debugging authorization by following the steps below.

  • Go to the Settings of your android mobile phone.
  • Tap on System.
  • Now tap on Developer Options.
  • Tap on Debugging.
  • Tap on Off.

Allow Usb Debugging Not Showing Up

This is a common problem that you connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable, but the pop-up allowing the debugging did not show up. However, you can fix the android USB options not showing issues by a very easy process.

Allow Usb Debugging Not Showing Up
Allow USB Debugging Not Showing Up

Just go to the Settings of your mobile phone. There find the section About Me. Then tap on Developer Options, then allow debugging from the options you see. If you want only to charge your phone, select Charge Only, and if you want to transfer files from your phone to your PC, select Transfer Files.

Android Usb Debugging Greyed Out

Well, if you are having this issue with your android smartphone, we have the best possible solutions for you. You can use these methods to get rid of this problem no matter what brand of smartphone you use.

  • Unplug The USB Cable

It is recommended to unplug your USB cable from the PC before starting to use the USB debugging facility.
Go to Settings > Developer Options > Debugging > OK.

  • Change The Connection Mode

Changing the connection mode can be helpful in this issue. Change the connection mode to MTP from Quick Settings mode.

  • Set Internet Mode As Default

Set the default mode as Internet Mode when you connect the smartphone to the PC.

Got to Settings > Connectivity > Default Mode > PC Software, and make the dialog box ticked. Then go to Settings > Developer Options > Debugging > OK.

USB Debugging Keeps Turning on

USB Debugging Keeps Turning on
USB Debugging Keeps Turning on

If USB debugging mode is turning on every time you switch on your android mobile phone, try the following steps to get rid of this issue.

  • Check whether the USB debugging is turned off or not. Disable it if it is enabled.
  • Turn your phone off completely.
  • Go to the boot menu of the phone and select the Factory Mode.
  • Unlock the phone normally and wait till you get the “CommServer has started” notification.
  • Reboot the phone again normally. This will get the phone out of Factory Mode.

Once you are done with the above-said process, USB debugging won’t get enabled automatically further.


How To Enable Usb Debugging On Android With Broken Screen Black?

You can use an OTG cable and a mouse to enable USB debugging mode if your phone screen is black or broken. Connect your phone to the OTG cable and connect the OTG cable to the computer.

Mirror your mobile screen and now you will be able to enable USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer Options > Debugging > OK.

How Do I Force Usb Debugging On Android?

Go to the Settings > About Phone > (Device) on your Android mobile phone.

Tap Back to back seven times on the Build number to make Developer Options available in Settings, and then you can enable the USB debugging option from there.

How Do I Force Usb Debugging?

You have to go to the About Phone section under your mobile phone’s settings. Then you have to tap on the Build number back to back seven times to activate the Developer Options in Settings. Then you can easily turn the USB debugging on from your phone.

How Do I Enable Usb Debugging Without Unlocking My Phone?

  • Connect your android smartphone to a PC that has Dr.Fone- Screen Lock installed. Unlock your phone through the program.
  • Choose the proper device model to start a recovery package.
  • Now you have to activate the download mode.
  • Now download and install the recovery package.
  • Remove your phone.

To Sum All Up

We hope we have successfully cleared all your doubts and questions you regarding USB debugging. All the best!

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