How To Delete A Minehut Server (Step by Step)

How To Delete A Minehut Server

How To Delete A Minehut Server (Step by Step)

There is no one particular way to delete the Minehut server. As there are many Minehut servers, the delete process depends on which type you are using. Generally, gamers use Minehut to access more than one server at a time for playing games.

However, if you do not want to use the server, you can disable that and reset that later, but you cannot delete it.

After you disable the server, remove all your files and folders and delete the IP address from the internet.

As you cannot delete the server, you can still reset it. To reset the server, you need to go to the danger zone tab and then follow some steps to stop the server from working.

Steps To Delete A Minehut Server

How To Delete A Minehut Server

Minehut provides two free servers to gamers. But if you like to delete any server, you cannot do that. However, you can reset your server.

When you are in the game and see some unwanted person entering the game zone as the server is free for all and doesn’t understand your situation, you may like to delete it.

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But you need to reset the server as you cannot delete it. Here is the process step by step on how to reset a Minehut server:

  • While you are using the server, go to the panel
  • After you go there, you will see the “manage your server’s status” on the screen. Below, you can see two options, click on the stop option and wait for some time.
  • Afterwards, your server will stop. Then go to the left bottom corner of the screen, and you will see the danger zone tab.
  • Click on the danger zone tab. You will see three options appear on the screen after that: force stop the server, reset the server, and repair files.
  • Click on the reset server. After clicking, your screen will show a confirmation message asking you about the decision. The message will also inform you that once you reset it, you can not undo it in the future.
  • Then you click on the yes button below the message to reset the server.
  • The process will delete all your previous files on the server. Now, your server has no previous data, and you start fresh.
  • After resetting, click on the home tab. You will see the “manage your server’s status” tab; below it, two options start and stop. Then click on the start option.
  • At that time, your server may take a little more time to open because it will download the default server and generate a new gaming world and others related to your game.
  • Remember that your server name, slots, and credits will remain the same after resetting. You don’t delete those data in the resetting process. The only thing deleted in the process is your last seed. 
  • While your server takes time to restart, you go to the plugins tab and click on the installed option.
  • If you have any data on your plugins, you can not find them after the resetting. You will delete every data in your plugins.
  • People generally store essentials, and money, Whitelist people’s lists in plugins, etc. After wiping out, you will lose all that data.
  • However, when you click on the installed option, you can reinstall all those data in the same plugins. And if you like to delete any specific things from plugins, then choose the uninstall option.
  • After that, click on the homepage. Then you keep waiting for the server to start. You will hear a bell ringing when the server starts and can see your server status showing “online” writing beside it.
  • Afterward, you enter the game and see your position in the game. Then type joins shut and wait for a few seconds for loading.
  • After the loading, check out your new server. 
  • After you get the new server, you need to create a new seed because you destroyed the old one in the resetting process. You can easily make a new one by following the steps.
  • First, open your server.
  • Then go to the higher panel’ world option and select the world from there.
  • Afterward, go to the world seed option and change posture there. Select the seed you like to transfer.
  • Select update, then.
  • Then select the reset world option and relaunch your server.
  • It would help if you waited a while to restart your server with the new seed. 

In the Minehut server, the Whitelist permits specific users to use your server and blocks others from connecting. In this way, you can use the server personally without much interference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How do you delete a Minecraft server?

  • First, go to the left sidebar and then click the files option. Then you will enter the server-type page where you can see the dropdown menu option.
  • After that, choose the reset server file option. Then you will see a box beside the delete all server files option.
  • Tick on that box. After that, you need to enter your control panel password and click on the apply option.

Q2. Is the Minehut server free forever?

A2. Minehut provides two servers to the users. They give their default server to the users without any cost.

Q3. How do I give myself up in Minehut?

A3. Follow the mentioned steps to get an op. First, you must go to and start your server. Following that, go to the dashboard.

After clicking on the dashboard option, you will see “input server command”. Write “/op(username)” at that place, and you will be all set.

Q4. What is the Minehut IP?

A4: The IP address of the Minehut server is You can access the mMinehutserver and play games over there using the address.

Q5. How to make a Mine Hut server private

A5: First, go to Then go to the appearance option on the panel and select server visibility.

After choosing that, click the not visible option. Then go back to the server command box option. There it would help if you wrote “/Whitelist add <your name >” and after that type “/Whitelist on”. 

Q6. How to rename a Minehut server?

A6. Go to the minehut control panel through Then select the appearance option on the screen. After that, choose the change name option.

Write down your new name on the box. Then click on apply, and you will see your new server name.