Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft: Potion for Survival.

Well, I know very well that exploring new gaming adventures, accessories for the video game series, and merchandise is so important to you when you are a hard-core video game lover. I can say that for these things, Minecraft’s official site is the best. Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft

Minecraft is the sandbox video game series in which you can prepare yourself for an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build. But the reason Minecraft has gained immense popularity over the years is because of its amazing features.

One of the popular features that Minecraft has is the potions it offers in order to survive. Among those, Fire

Who Wants To Lose A Game Like That?

Resistance Potion is quite famous. Trust me! It is one of the best potion for survival as you can brew the Fire Resistance Potion and add it in your inventory.

Not only that, this fire resistance potion gives you the fire resistance effect for 3 minutes, whenever you drink it.

How To Make Fire Resistance Potion

Of course! You have to survive in the lava, when you are in the middle of the game and the excitement is on the high level. I mean

A Fire Resistance Potion! That’s all you need.

In this section of the article, you will find all the steps by which you can easily learn to make the fire resistance potion. 

  • At first, you need to open your brewing stand menu.
  • Now that your Brewing stand is deactivated, you should add blaze powder in the far left box to activate the brewing stand.
  • You need to add the necessary item. In your brewing stand menu, you can put ingredients in the top box and the potion is created in the bottom boxes. You need 1 water bottle, 1 nether wart, and 1 magma cream.
  • Keep the bottle in any bottom box and add the nether wart to the top box. When the bubbles turn white and the arrow becomes white too, you know that the process begins. Once it’s done, the nether wart will disappear.
  • Mix the magma cream to the top box. When the process is finished you can hear a “glug glug” sound. The magma cream will vanish too.
How To Make Fire Resistance Potion
How To Make Fire Resistance Potion

Cheers! Your Fire Resistance Potion is ready.

Fire Resistance Potion Recipe

You know very well that no one save you from facing the hazards of flaming in the Minecraft video game series.

But don’t get worried. Luckily, you are fortunate enough that there is a way to protect yourself from facing these hazards and the amazing thing is that it’s available in a handy glass bottle. Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft


  • Water
  • glass water bottle
  • nether wart
  • magma cream
  • cobblestones
  • blaze rod
  • Blaze powder


  • First, open your crafting interface.   
  • Put together the Blaze Rod in the section of the upper-middle square.
  • Now put the 3 cobblestones in a line under it. It should be one per square.
  • Do craft your stand.
  • Now that your stand is ready, open the interface.
  • Just light on the stand with the blaze powder.
  • Keep a glass bottle in any lower box among the three.
  • Put the Nether wart in the upper-middle box. Now this combination will turn out to be an Awkward Potion. But hold on! It’s not done yet.
  • Mix Magma Cream in the upper-middle portion where you put the Nether Wart. Brew away properly.

Great! You have made the Fire Resistance Portion ready and you can move it into your inventory.

Resistance Potion Recipe

You are in the right track. You have to survive in the game in any way and the Resistance portion is perfectly alright for your survival. It is a status effect that can reduce any incoming damage, from all sources.

But remember one thing. It is a friendly reminder that the resistance portion will not work in case of starvation, the void and if you are about to be killed by 20% X level.

The Recipe

Just follow the steps mentioned below. Here you go.

  • Take a bottle made of glass and pour water into the bottle.
  • Now, add the glass bottle and Nether wart to the brewing stand.
  • Mix Magma Cream to the brew.
  • Your new fire resistance potion is ready and you can add it to your inventory.
Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft: Potion for Survival.
Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft: Potion for Survival.

Blaze Powder In The Easiest Way In Minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft and you want to defeat Minecraft’s Ender Dragon, then you must know how to get Blaze Powder in Minecraft.

Because in order to defeat the Ender Dragon, you will need to make Eyes of Ender using the Blaze Powder. Without this, you cannot enter The End, which is the starting part of defeating the Ender Dragon.

So if you are willing to defeat the Ender Dragon but do not know how to get Blaze Powder in Minecraft, just read this article carefully, because here I shall tell you the process of creating Blaze Powder in Minecraft.

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How To Get Blaze Powder In Minecraft

You need to craft the Blaze Powder by breaking down Blaze Rods. You will get the Blaze Rods from The Nether.

You will need only 1 Blaze Rod. See the procedure of crafting Blaze Powder using the Blaze Rod below.

  • Craft Menu

You have to open the crafting table for using the 3×3 crafting grid.

  • Add The Blaze Rod

You have to add the Blaze Rod in any of the boxes of the crafting table. Once you are done, you can see 2 Blaze Powder appearing in the right side box.

  • Bring The Blaze Powder To The Inventory

Move the Blaze Powder and bring it into the inventory. Now you are able to use these Blaze Powder.

How To Make A Brewing Stand In Minecraft

In order to craft Brewing Stand, you will need 1 Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestones.

  • Crafting Menu

To use the 3×3 crafting table, open the crafting table.

Use The Ingredients

Put the Blaze Rod in the middle box of the upper row, and put the 3 Cobblestones in the 3 boxes of the middle row. As soon as you are done with this process, 1 Brewing Stand will appear in the right side box.

  • Move It To Inventory

Move the Brewing Stand to the inventory to use it.

How To Make A Fire Resistance Splash Potion In Minecraft

  • Create A Brewing Stand

You need to create a Brewing Stand applying the above mentioned process. Once you are done, open the Brewing Stand menu.

  • Add Blaze Powder

Add Blaze Powder to the box located at far left of the Brewing Stand in order to activate it.

  • Add Ingredients

Add 1 Fire resistance Potion in one of the boxes at the bottom, and add 1 Gunpowder at the topmost box.

  • Move The Potion To Inventory

Once the brewing procedure is done, you will hear a glug glug like sound and will see that the gunpowder has disappeared. Now move the Fire Resistance Splash Potion to the inventory to use it.

How To Make A Fire Resistance Splash Potion In Minecraft
How To Make A Fire Resistance Splash Potion In Minecraft

How To Use A Fire Resistance Potion In Minecraft

This potion is used to nullify the damages caused by fire. Fire Resistance in Minecraft saves the player from natural fires to fires caused by the enemies using the weapons.

Generally the effect of the potion works for 3 minutes, but you can extend the time to 8 minutes too.

How To Make Fire Resistance Potion Effective For 8 Minutes

I have told you that you can extend the effect of Fire Resistance Potion. Now the question is how to make Fire resistance Potion 8 minutes longer effective, or how to make Fire Resistance Potion last longer in general.

The answer is, you need to add 1 Redstone Dust in the Potion.

  • Open the Brewing Stand.
  • Put the Fire Resistance Potion in one of the boxes at the bottom.
  • Put the Redstone Dust in the box at the top.
  • The process will finish with a glug glug sound and the Redstone Dust will disappear.
  • Bring the new Fire Resistance Potion (8 minutes) to the inventory.

How To Make A Potion Of Invisibility

You will need 1 Fermented Spider Eye and 1 Night Vision Potion (3:00)

  • Open the Brewing Stand.
  • Activate the stand by adding Blaze Powder to the far left box of the stand.
  • Put the Night Vision Potion in one of the boxes at the bottom.
  • Put the Fermented Spider Eye in the box at the top.
  • Once the process finishes, you will see that the Fermented Spider Eye has disappeared and you will hear a glug glug sound. Your Potion of Invisibility is ready now. Bring it to the inventory.

How To Make Fire Resistance Potion – Terraria

To make Fire Resistance Potion in Terraria, you will need Bottled water, Fire Blossom, Waterleaf, and Obsidian. Once you get all these ingredients, you can just craft the potion on the Alchemy Table, or by using Placed Bottles.

How To Make Fire Resistance Potion – BOTW

You will need to just mix a Monster Part and a Creature which has the Fire Resistance effect. Once you successfully do this, you will get the Fire Resistance Potion in BoTW.

How To Make Bottles In Minecraft

Well, that is a prominent question too. I must say. What I mean to say is, you have to keep the resistance in the glass bottle after you have made it. Also the fact is that, glass bottles are very important brewing item in your inventory in Minecraft.

Let me guess what you are worrying about now. You are thinking of how you can make glass bottles in Minecraft. Right?Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft

Hmm… you can make 3 bottles of glass at a time. How? Let’s explore how to make the glass bottles.

Ingredients Required To Create A Glass Bottle

You know what? You only need 3 glasses in order to make a glass bottle in Minecraft game series.

The Process

  • In order to get the 3×3 crafting grid, you have to open your crafting table at first.
  • You can see a crafting area, in your crafting menu, which is made up of a crafting grid, 3×3 in size. Put 3 glasses in that crafting grid.

Tip: it’s very important to place the glass in the proper pattern. You need to place 1 glass in the first box and 1 glass in the third box, in the first row. In the second row, you have to put 1 glass in the 2nd box.

  • Now, I hope that you filled the crafting area with the proper pattern. After that 3 bottles of glass will be seen in the right box.
  • Now move the newly crafted glass bottles to your inventory.

Minecraft Fireplace Recipe

How To Make Fire Resistance Potion
Minecraft Fireplace Recipe

Not very important though! A fireplace in Minecraft has no specific role. But, I can say that it may add a nice touch in your home.

Follow the steps to learn how you can build a fireplace made of brick with a chimney in Minecraft video game series.

  • First, you have to gather clay from the bottom of shallow rivers, swamps, or inside the mason houses. Now break the clay blocks using a shovel, or you can use your hands too. You can see that blocks will drop 4 clay balls.
  • You can now add a clay ball to a fuel source to turn them out like bricks.
  • You have to craft the bricks into blocks. For this, you need to place 4 bricks in 2×2 square in the crafting menu.
  • Now, dig out a hole using 2 bricks by 4 bricks that is up to the ceiling on an exterior wall in your base.
  • After that, you need to dig out the 2 bricks from the floor in the center of the hole.
  • Now just put 2 netherrack on the floor holes and then cover the rest of the area in 1 block deeper.
  • You can extend the chimney as high as you want, depends on the side of your base.
  • In order to complete your fireplace, just light up the netherrack with the flint and steel.

Minecraft Campfire Recipe

Campfire is a prominent item for decoration in Minecraft.

This tutorial will explain how you can make campfire in Minecraft. Take a look.


  • 3 Sticks
  • 1 Charcoal
  • 3 wooden logs

The Process

  • You have to open the crafting table to get the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Put 3 sticks, 1 charcoal and 3 wooden logs in that grid.

Tip: you need to put 1 stick in middle-box, in the first row. In the 2nd row, you need to place 1 stick in the first box, charcoal in the 2nd and 1 stick in the 3rd. in the 3rd row, you have to put 1 wood in each of 3 boxes.

After completing the process properly, you can see campfire in the right box. Move it to the inventory.  

Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft: Potion for Survival.
Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft: Potion for Survival.

Greater Fire Protection Potion Recipe

Greater Fire Protection Potion saves you from lava for 8:00 minutes than a regular Fire Protection Potion. Obviously you need a special recipe to make it.

Here’s how.


  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 1 Regular Fire Resistance Potion.

The Process

  • At first, you should open the brewing stand.
  • Mix the blazing power in the far left box to activate the stand.
  • Place the ingredients in the top box. Put the regular potion in any bottom box. Now put the Redstone on the top box.
  • Once you’re done, you hear a glug glug sound and also see that Redstone is disappeared.

Congrats. Greater Fire Protection Potion is ready.

What Does Flame Do In Minecraft?

The Flames in Minecraft is nothing but a supportive feature for the bow. You can set your enemies on fire by using the Flame. Funny! Isn’t it?

Minecraft Brewing Ingredients

  • Brewing Stand
  • Water
  • Cauldron
  • Glass bottles
  • Water bottles
  • Blaze Powder
How To Make Fire Resistance Potion
What Does Flame Do In Minecraft

How To Make Magma Cream In Minecraft

You can find Magma Cream in random chests in the nether. But, if not, you can make it for yourself. Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft

Here’s how to make Magma Cream in Minecraft.

  • Look for the Slimes.
  • Here you have to fight and defeat some of the slimes.
  • Pick any Slime that they drop.
  • Now go for your crafting interface and open it.
  • Keep the slime and blaze powder in a particular pattern.
  • You’ll get Magma Cream as output and move it now to your inventory.

Tip: don’t convert all the blaze powder to Magma cream.

Fire Resistant Potion- Best For Survival

Now that you’re totally aware of the Fire Resistance Potion Minecraft, you are fully equipped with your weapons. You’re now in safe hands and can go for the game.


I hope I have successfully cleared all the questions of yours related to Fire Resistance and Blaze Powder of Minecraft. I hope now you will be able to play Minecraft more creatively. All the best!

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