How To Use Eunseo Bot? Bot Commands Explained

The popular application, Discord has multiple bots including the Eunseo bot commands. The Eunseo bot falls under a group of custom bots. They serve some amusement purposes or particular utilitarian. If you are on Discord and want to use this command, you need to-

  • Go to the Invite button.
  • Select the server where you want to locate the bot.
  • Enable all permissions that are required for the bot.
  • Fill in the captcha.

Millions of people around the world, especially gamers enjoy spending time on Discord. Many of them are new to this platform and do not know how to use the Eunseo bot commands. Features like the Gacha game, soloist, and the K-pop group are included in the Eunseo bot.  

So, if you are a K-pop fan and want to know the use of the commands of the Eunseo bot, this article is just for you. Here, I have included everything that you should know about the Eunseo bot. 

How To Use Eunseo Bot Command

As said earlier, Discord includes so many bot commands that you can play music or enjoy mini-games in those specific servers of Discord where the bots are placed. As the Eunseo bot is related to K-pop groups and solo singers, it brings the players new events as well as new challenges whenever they use this bot. 

Now, let’s come to the point. How can you use the Eunseo bot command? You need to go through the below steps to use the Eunseo bot.

  • First, you need to go to the Invite button on Discord.
  • Now, you should select a particular server where you want to locate the bot.
  • Enable all permissions that are required for the bot.
  • Fill in the captcha box. Thus, you can add the Eunseo bot where you want to place it. 

Now, this bot serves four basic actions. They are-

  • Get Gacha Cards
  • Collecting Gems
  • Complete Groups
  • Trade and Buy Cards

Eunseo bot has different commands and they serve different actions. This is how you will be playing games on Discord. 

Eunseo Bot Command Features

With some unique and new features of the Eunseo bot, players can have the best gameplay experience and make the most of their time. 

  • This bot includes a feature of collecting gems every day. Players will be able to buy new customized cards and new items.
  • With the Eunseo bot, Discord players will be able to manage their inventories and customize it as they want. 
  • When you complete idols and eras, it lets you have a rare group of legendary cards. You can take the lead in the game using these cards.
  • Using the Eunseo bot, players can unlock special events. 

Daily Commands

/wShortcut for /work command
/workFor claiming 100 gems in each 20 minutes
/voteCollect 500 gems after seeing an ad (each 12 hours)
/dailyClaim 500 gems for every 20 hours
/CDsSee the time remaining for the /daily, /vote, and /work command
/questSee quests for gems or peanuts (from daily to monthly)

Gacha Commands

/gachaTo pull 1 to 10 cards
/fav cardsMake some cards as your favorite with card IDs
/invSee your or other’s inventory
/fav lastMake the last pull card your favorite
/unfavDelete cards from your favorite list
/burn allBurn every non-favorite card in the inventory

Trading Commands

Commands Descriptions
/AUCCheck specific auctions
/sell cardsSell some cards with Card IDs
/sell lastPut the last pulled card for the auction
/bidBid on an available card
/addAdd a card to the trade
/buyTo buy inventory expansions
/redeemRedeem a premier membership

Utility Commands

Commands Descriptions
/helpOpen the quick help guide
/rulesCheck the bot rules
/profileSee the profile details
/eventSee the future and present events
/opengiftOpen gift upon finishing groups, eras, and idols
/lotteryCheck upcoming lottery events
/profil new_bioAdd a profile bio
/profile user: Discord IDCheck particular Discord IDs or Eunseo profiles

How To Fix Eunseo Bot Not Working Issue?

If you find out that the Eunseo bot is not working properly, then there might have been two issues.

  1. You do not have a poor internet connection.
  2. There is probably a bot server outrage. 

Now, first, you need to find out whether your internet connection is good enough. If the connection is unstable, you should consider switching to another network and seeing if the issue persists or not. Also, you can reboot your router to have a strong internet connection.

If the internet connection is not the cause of this issue, you need to directly go to the Eunseo bot support community server. There, you will be able to check the status of the Eunseo bot. There are chances that the Eunseo bot is offline due to its latest updates or there is a server outage. In such cases, you can do nothing but sit back until the issue is resolved automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I set bot commands?

You will be able to set bot commands using the following steps 

  • First, open Team.
  • Hover over the Apps option at the left panel and select it.
  • Go to the page of Apps and search for the Developer Portal.
  • Select the open option.

Q2. What are the commands for the virtual diner bot?

Virtual Diner provides players with the opportunity to order and receive food virtually. But, it has some restrictions too. Here are the commands that you will be able to use for the virtual diner bot.

  • Economy: daily, money, tip
  • Guilds: Prefix
  • Information: apply, appeal, discord, botinfo, invite, help, ping, website, rules
  • Ordering: feedback, order, my order, cancel the order

Q3. How do you AFK spam in Discord?

  • Go to the channel list and choose the name of the server.
  • Choose the settings of the server.
  • Go to the Overview menu and search for the Inactive Channel option.
  • Now, you should choose an already existing voice channel from the drop-down menu of the Inactive Channel.

Final Thoughts

Eunseo bot is a feature on Discord that thousands of players love to use. Especially, it is quite popular among solo singers and K-pop fan groups. So, if you, too want to use the Eunseo bot commands, read this guide and use them easily. Happy gaming!

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