Quickly Steps To Fix Error Code CSC_7200026

Are you searching for solutions to the error code: CSC_7200026 desperately? Then this is the place where you will get the information you need!

If you want to solve the problem of this error then you can –

  • Try a different card
  • Use a VPN
  • Check the internet connection
  • Use Alipay and verify the card
  • Delete the browser data
  • Contact AliExpress customer support

Online transactions are the future of business. In the post-pandemic era, online businesses and transactions have taken a huge leap and become the leader. And if you are among those who love online shopping must have heard about AliExpress.

AliExpress is one of the largest shopping websites where you can get various products. But the disadvantage of online business is, they have several errors at crucial times like when you attempt to make a payment, attempt to order a product, etc..

That is why I am writing this article where I shall give you a thorough idea of solving this annoying error.

So, let’s start!

What Causes Error Code CSC_7200026?

Nowadays, payment failure on AliExpress has become a very common error for people who try to purchase a product from the online shopping website AliExpress.

Mostly, issues with the authentication of your payment create this error, especially when you make payments with debit or credit cards. AliExpress asks you to verify your card at the time of making a payment using that card. But if the card verification fails, you will see the annoying error CSC_7200026.

Another reason for this error is the bad speed of your internet connection. Or if you put the wrong payment details you can see this error on the screen of your device. If your browser is full of corrupted browser data, then also this error can happen.

Now let’s check out how you can solve this error code.

How To Fix Error Code CSC_7200026?

Here in this part of the article, I am going to share with you the details and the steps for the methods of solving this error easily. But remember that these methods solve different issues that trigger this error. So it is better to try them one by one and check which one works for you.

As I have told you before, there are a total of 6 methods by which you can solve this error. Here I shall discuss them one by one.

1. Try a different card

Most of the time, the reason behind this error is, AliExpress has blocked your present card. AliExpress can ban your card if you violate the terms of service of AliExpress. If this is the reason, then you have to contact AliExpress and unblock your card by following the steps told by AliExpress Customer Care.

2. Use a VPN
 Error Code CSC_7200026

This is probably the best solution to this error. If you use a VPN then you will easily overcome this error. If your IP address is blocked by AliExpress, then using a VPN will help you to use a different IP address, and you will easily be able to overcome this error.

3. Check the internet connection

It is always better to check the status of the internet connection you use. Check the speed of the connection and check if it has become slow. If you have a router, then make sure nothing is blocking the signal coming from it. Signal issues can trigger this error too. If you use cellular data, check whether the signal strength is full or not. You can try to restart your router in order to overcome this issue.

4. Use Alipay and verify the card

Alipay is the payment verification service of AliExpress. You can use this service to register and verify the card you want to use to make payment on AliExpress. It can take up to three days to complete the process of verification after starting. Then you can use the card easily.

5. Delete the browser data
Error Code CSC_7200026

If there are corrupted files in the browser cache, this error can occur. So you have to delete those corrupted files. Read the steps for deleting corrupted files from your browser cache.

  • Open your browser.
  • Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar.
  • Press Enter.
  • Choose the option for cache and cookies.
  • Set the time range as All time.
  • Click Clear now.

Contact AliExpress customer support

If all the above-mentioned methods fail, then the last option is to contact the customer care service of AliExpress. Talk to them and tell them about your problem, and let them solve the problem for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AliExpress error code CSC_7200053?

Whenever you try to make a payment using your credit or debit card and you want to use a promo code or discount coupon, you may see the error code CSC_7200053 on the screen of your device. These discount coupons or promo codes are usually provided by the stores or the sellers who put their products on AliExpress. 

2. Why is AliExpress payment failing?

There are chances that AliExpress has blocked your card or your IP address. The other reasons are –

  • your internet connection is slow,
  • There are corrupted files in the cache of your internet browser, and
  • You wrongly put the payment details at the time of verifying your card.


Millions of people use AliExpress for online shopping and they often face the error CSC_7200026 while shopping online from AliExpress.

Then they search online again for a solution to this problem. And this triggered me to write an article depicting the methods of solving this problem.

I hope if you read this article thoroughly, then you will be able to solve this error on your own without any hassle.

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