Guide To Clear Destiny 2 Data Recovery Quest

How to clear the destiny 2 data recovery quest? What is data recovery destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, data recovery is a form of project. The first time you see it is during the Legacy Code search when Ana Bray asks you to look at any blanks in Rasputin’s Code.

If you’ve finished the main plot, you’ll be able to access it. But for the early stages, where you could track down a signal without using chart markers, the task is relatively straightforward. 

Where is Ana Bray Destiny 2?

Where is Ana Bray Destiny 2
Where is Ana Bray Destiny 2

Ana Bray can be found on Mars, which means you can quickly travel to the Braytech Futurescape region. You can see The Braytech Futurescape building, which will have a large image on top of it after you’ve traveled rapidly. Enter the building and ascend the first flight of stairs you see.

What Is The Position Of The Signal In The Data Recovery Destiny 2?

First, explore the coordinates Ana offers you by following the dot. Now comes the tricky part: you must follow the trail of changes to the target, but without any map, markers to guide you. It’s possible to become disoriented here, and it’s not apparent whether or not pursuing the track is the best option.

The destiny 2 data recovery quest location is on Mars. You might easily walk under the bridge and turn right from where you started your search. You’ll need to go to Dynamo Approach to search for an empty chest, after which you’ll need to look for Ana’s components.

Meanwhile, Cabal and Hive will be battling right over you, but you won’t have to destroy them all – they’ll be too preoccupied to kill you. You’ll have to beat a bunch of commanders and a proper boss until you’ve had everything you need.

What Happened To The Search For Data Recovery?

In Destiny 2, a data recovery quest is a form of project. The first time you see it is during the Legacy Code search when Ana Bray asks you to look at any blanks in Rasputin’s Code. If you’ve finished the main plot, you’ll be able to access it.

What Is The Best Way To Locate My Legacy Code?

Talk to Zavala after you’ve finished the campaign, receive your rewards, and then speak with Ana Bray. After that, Ana Bray will assign you two new missions to complete. Missions legacy code destiny 2 and “A Piece of the Past” must be completed in order. You’ll get the IKELOS HC v1 package.

How Do I Get Legacy Code Quest?

How Do I Get Legacy Code Quest
How Do I Get Legacy Code Quest

To get the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2, you must first finish the critical campaign in the Warmind DLC, which was recently released. To obtain an Exotic campaign, speak with Ana first, then Zavala.

When you talk with Ana again, she will send you the missions legacy code destiny 2 and A Piece of the Past. Both should be over.

What If You Manage To Collect All 45 Data Fragments?

The Hellas Basin is littered with these pieces, which are often regarded as Latent Memories. You’ll unlock unique prizes, like the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword, if you find and fire enough of them – precisely 35, including all 45 found.

How Do You Complete The Data Recovery Quest In Destiny 2?

To complete the quest of data recovery destiny, 2 follow the below steps.

  1. Ana Bray should be contacted. In BrayTech Futurescape, Ana is waiting for you. Ana’s visit: 0/1.
  2. Code that has been passed on over the generations. Examine Rasputin’s machine memory for the missing spot. On Mars, complete the “Legacy Code”: 0/1.
  3. It’s a relic from the past. With the enigmatic engram, return to Rasputin.
  4. Ana is someone you can see. In BrayTech Futurescape, Ana is waiting for you.

What Do You Get As A Reward For Finishing Nascent Dawn?

The Polaris Lance Exotic scout gun is the prize for achieving Nascent Dawn 4/5.

How Do I Get The Nascent Dawn Quest?

The Polaris Lance is obtained via the “Nascent Dawn” quest path, a unique Exotic Quest that entails entering data into the servers to Ana Bray’s left on Mars. You must complete Part 2 of the “Nascent Dawn” search to obtain the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle, which is a pre-Polaris Lance.

You must fulfill the “Data Transfer” quest after finishing the Warmind DLC campaign to get the “Nascent Dawn” quest. You’ll get the IKELOS Hand Cannon after completing the quest; return to Ana Bray and speak with her again to begin “Nascent Dawn.”

  1. You’ll find “Nascent Dawn” in your pursuits in the Items menu; to complete the first stage, you’ll need to complete three patrol tasks, a Lost Sector, and locate a Sleeper Node. The black diamond chests found in any corner of the Mars map are known as Sleeper Nodes.

The first Sleeper Node can be found next to the rock arch in the middle of the Alton Dynamo Approach canyon.

To Unlock Future Sleeper Nodes, Follow These Steps: For a chance to get Resonance Stems, complete activities on Mars (Public Events, VIP kills, Escalation Protocol, Lost Sectors, and so on).

Create an Override Frequency Key by combining four Resonance Stems; each Override Frequency Key you activate can only open one Sleeper Node. For a hint to the position of the Sleeper Node, look at the Override Frequency Key in the Items menu.

How Do I Get The Nascent Dawn Quest
How Do I Get The Nascent Dawn Quest

You’ll finish Part 1 of “Nascent Dawn” by uploading the data to the server; after that, you’ll have to wait until the weekly reset. Any move of Nascent Dawn seems to be linked to the Weekly Reset, but players have only completed two activities so far — the final step should be available after we’ve been playing for around five weeks.

  1. After the weekly reset, speak with Ana Bray to obtain the “Nascent Dawn” Part 2 item. Part 2 necessitates a total of 25 Valkyrie kills. The Valkyrie is a relic spear obtained by spending Armory Keys during Escalation Protocol or for free during Warsat Down Public Events. It’s as simple as grabbing one and getting 25 kills.

Then, in the lobby of Braytech (where Ana Bray can be found), use the big sword to initiate the next move. You must complete all standard adventures on mars to proceed to the next level. What is the reasoning behind this? Since you’ll need to do that to access the Heroic Adventure.

The patrol marker for Part 2 of “Nascent Dawn” would take you to Mars to finish the Heroic Adventure. Complete the bold adventure by joining a Fireteam (or doing it alone).

The Sleeper Node in Ma’adim Subterrane — also known as the Glacial Drift Lost Sector — must be unlocked for the final stage. To locate the node, go to the back of the region and upload the data to the server rack to Ana Bray’s left.

After you’ve entered the files, talk to Ana Bray, and she’ll finally send you the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle.

  1. After waiting for another reboot, return to Ana Bray. You must complete 10 Escalation Protocol levels as part of Step 3’s first section. You will achieve this goal by completing the first stage ten times.

Finishing three Vanguard Strikes is the next move, which is also easy. This goal is achieved by using Heroic Strikes. Then, in the Olympus Descent sector, you’ll need to plunder a Sleeper Node. Begin by sticking to the ledge and looking down from where you spawn when you first begin the Mars DLC quest. This secret node is located on a small shelf.

You’ll get another memory file if you loot the node. You’ll get a Masterwork variant of the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle if you upload it to the server to the left of Ana Bray.

  1. Wait for another weekly reset before approaching Ana Bray. Use the Braytech Scout Rifle (you can re-purchase from Ana Bray if you don’t have it anymore) and get 5 Precision Multi-Kills without Reloading and 20 Scout Rifle kills. It can be done very quickly in the Futurescape Lost Sector — keep getting headshots without reloading until you complete the first step.

After that, travel to Io and finish the campaign mission “Fury.” It’s a 250 PL mission and precisely the same as the campaign mission you completed earlier for this DLC.

A Reward For Finishing Nascent Dawn
A Reward For Finishing Nascent Dawn

To complete this, you’ll need to loot a secret Sleeper Node in Mindlab: Rasputin. Travel there and find the node to the right of the locked door leading into the Rasputin chamber. You don’t need to kill the enemies to unlock the door. Upload the diary you find in the node, in the same servers, to Ana Bray’s left. Talk to her, and you’ll get the Polaris Lance Exotic.

  1. The quest isn’t over yet! There’s still one more step. Get her quest, and earn 15 Javelin Multi kills. Grab a Javelin during a Warsaw Down public event with (hopefully) nobody around to quickly complete this step. Or, start an Escalation Protocol.

After that, full 3 PVP matches. Any PVP matches will work. You don’t even have to win. When that’s done, complete the “Strange Terrain” campaign mission again, replayable on the Glacial Drift.

One last Sleeper Node to locate — this one is in the Alton Dynamo area. Go through the right door at the hallway fork, and you’ll find this node in the center of the server room. Collect the last diary, upload it into the servers to the left of Ana Bray, and you’ll get the Polaris Lance Catalyst as a reward.


In Destiny 2, a data recovery quest is a form of project. The first time you see it is during the Legacy Code search when Ana Bray asks you to look at any blanks in Rasputin’s Code. If you’ve finished the main plot, you’ll be able to access it.

Hopefully, you have got all the details of becoming a pro in the data recovery quest destiny 2.

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