Why Is My Discord Pfp Blurry Try These For Fixes

why is my discord pfp blurry?

You might be wondering why is my discord pfp blurry? It can be happening because of two reasons- a common glitch that occurs on discord for mobile devices or it can be because of an issue related to ISP or web browser. This is a frequently occurring problem and has certain solutions. It is very … Read more

How To Inspect Element On Discord [Updated 2022]

Here in this article, we will tell you in detail about How to Inspect Element on Discord! Discord is a fantastic platform that is primarily meant for gaming and is used by gamers. However, these days it is not just restricted to gaming. Discord is also used for regular banters between friends.  Most interestingly it … Read more

How To Stream Amazon Prime On Discord

How To Stream Amazon Prime On Discord

How to stream Amazon Prime on Discord is the question that is now very common among Discord users. Discord is a revolutionary app where you can stream videos and share the screen with your friends, screen share your favorite video games, send text messages, voice and video call your friends and a lot of other … Read more


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