Best FFXIV classes for Beginners

Learn the easiest combinations between jobs and classes in Final Fantasy XIV.

After you complete your FFXIV Account, making your first character is the next step. In Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll soon discover the freedom you’ll have when you try a new role. But, at the same time, you’ll see that not every option is viable for a new player.

Indeed, to make things easier for you, we give yoverou the “starter” combinations in Final Fantasy XIV:

Best FFXIV classes for Beginners

Monk (Pugilist)

If you think that the weapon system in this game is too complicated, leave it all behind with a character like this one. You’ll use your fist to do all the damage to your enemies. Furthermore, you’ll soon learn that activating your abilities in the correct order might be devastating at the right time.

As you continue with your gaming sessions, you’ll discover how movement is crucial for your champion. Moreover, as you progress further and unlock the Monk class, you’ll have more ways to use your fists.

Bard (Archer)

Without a doubt, being a range player in MMOs doesn’t require too much science. Overall, it would help if you shot an arrow and hit a hand ove and over again. Furthermore, a game like Final Fantasy XIV uses a targeting system that enables you to land almost all of your attacks.

Moreover, since you can throw your attacks from a decent range, you better view the battlefield. In other words, you can easily see when an enemy casts a spell on the ground and avoid it easily.

Lastly, the Bard class gives you more tools that might enhance your entire party. After you cast one of your songs, you’ll add buffs to the whole group and make everything less annoying. Therefore, you might earn additional FFXIV Gil as you sing within challenging instances.

Warrior (Marauder)

Protect your entire party with the robust defenses that this character might achieve. It might feel challenging to withstand the damage, but you’ll soon discover better ways to protect yourself. Indeed, after you unlock the Warrior class, you’ll have better self-heal and damage reduction tools.

The key for any Warrior is to remain “active” in battle. In other words, you’ll need to move around your target and use your abilities soon as they leave cooldowns. The critical objective is to keep the enemies focused on you as long as possible or until they perish.

Black Mage (Thaumaturge)

Casting spells is sometimes perceived as a way of life for some members of the RPG community. Indeed, all you need is a little patience, and soon, you’ll see things blowing up everywhere. Additionally, you’ll have tons of AOE to throw at your enemies with the tools you’ll acquire.

It might feel difficult at first to play a caster in Final Fantasy XIV since you’re vulnerable while casting. As a result, you might want to create a party and let someone else “Tank” the enemies and wait for you to kill everything.

White Mage (Conjurer)

Becoming a support player is not for everyone. First, you need to stay focused all of the time before someone loses their health and dies. Secondly, you’ll find it unfair sometimes when the rest of the party gets the action while you’re babysitting and not earning FFXIV Gil.

Still, you’ll always find a rightful place in any party as support. Moreover, with the spells of the White Mage, you’ll always have something to keep your teammates alive.

Paladin (Gladiator)

Being a follower of the light can give you tons of benefits if you want to survive in this fantasy world. Additionally, you’ll have a trusting shield that might help you withstand tons of damage and keep your party safe from any threats.

With the freedom that you’ll get as a Paladin, you’ll have tons of defense options and ways to heal yourself in the middle of a battle.

Summoner (Arcanist)

Find new ways to experience any encounter by mostly letting your minions do the work for you. With a Summoner, you have the freedom to cast a few steps and go AFK for a while. Furthermore, you’ll see how things turn differently as you try multiple pets in one encounter.

Above all, you’ll have the freedom to discover how everything works in this game in the middle of a fight. Indeed, by looking at your party members’ interactions, you’ll see how they fulfill their roles.

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