Avast setup is one of the most popular antivirus available in recent times and it comes in a large variety of options. It has also launched its browser to make sure that the privacy of the user is present.

Sometimes the user faces a situation wherein they do want to update the application and while doing so they get the error message.

Many users have reported that while they are trying to download and update the virus definitions, they can see that the process is running in the task manager.

avast setup is already running
avast setup is already running

This comes up in the form of a message that says “avast setup is already running” and when the user tries to minimize it, the terminate process is unable to get completed. 

If a user is in a hurry and they want to follow the steps then the different types of solutions are mentioned further in the article.

What Can Be The Probable Causes Of The Can’t Uninstall Avast Setup Is Already Running Issue?

The causes of the error in the avast application come up because of a file called instup.exe. This is the file that runs in the windows background and updates the virus definitions and downloads them.

It can be caused because of the background problem in the task manager of the uninstall setup of Avast. There are certain solutions that the user can follow to resolve the issue and fix the error.

How Can The Avast Uninstall Setup Is Already Running Issue Be Resolved?

To resolve the issue the user can try out the several mentioned methods which include-

FIX-1 Disabling the self-defense module

Disabling the self-defense module
Disabling the self-defense module

1. Open the user interface of Avast and then the settings and troubleshooting due to which the tick mark would be removed, Enable the self-defense module for avast and then click on the OK button.

2. Open the task manager and then kill the install setup if it is on.

3. As soon as the setup is closed, a pop-up comes up which informs the user about the updated virus definitions. Ignore the pop-up entirely and then uninstall the avast application without facing any problems.

4. This helps in uninstalling the software without facing any issues.

FIX-2 Task manager

This is another process that can be followed and helps in killing the instup.exe and runs in the background of the manager.

1. Open the task manager and click on the windows bar.

2. After that click on the end task button which is located on the right.

3. A window comes up as soon as the antivirus is updated.

FIX-3 Remove the utility

Remove the utility
Remove the utility

Many users have reported that the setup is already running avast uninstall problem can be resolved by uninstalling avast utility. To do this the user has to-

1. Open the browser and hit the URL.

2. Find the avastclearexe and download it.

3. Open the avast clear option.

4. Right-click on the yes button and then again on yes.

5. The system will get rebooted and restart again.

6. Open the avast utility and uninstall it and restart the system to modify any changes.

FIX-4 Check for the corrupted files

The error can sometimes come up because of the corrupted files that represent on the device. The user thus needs to constantly check for the presence of any corrupted file or cache. To do so the user has to follow certain steps-

1. Hold and press the windows key.

2. Type the command prompt and then alternately open the start menu.

3. Once the windows open, type the required command and then hit enter button.

4. Any corrupted files present in the device would thus come up and the device would automatically remove them.

Check for the corrupted files
Check for the corrupted files

FIX 5- Repair the application

The users have reported about the Avast clear not working issue unable to be solved by the above-mentioned solutions. If none of the above solutions work the user can try this solution to solve the problem. To do this-

1. Open the control panel from the settings.

2. Change the view option category which is located in the top-right corner.

3. After completing the step. Uninstall and navigate the features.

4. Locate the application and then right-click on it and repair the option.

The windows will then check if the error in the application is resolved and if the solutions work the application can be opened and used.

FIX 6- Uninstall and reinstall

This is one of the simplest and easiest methods that can be used to resolve if the avast won’t let me run a program issue is complained about by the users. To uninstall and reinstall the application the user has to follow a few steps-

 Uninstall and reinstall
Uninstall and reinstall

1. Open the control panel

2. Change the view option category located at the top-right corner

3. Navigate uninstall the program in the program and features section

4. Locate the application and then click on uninstall

5. Once the application is removed from the system, it demands to be restarted

6. After restarting the system open the browser and hit the official avast page. Download the installation file from there.

7. Install the application on the device again.


The avast secure browser can be used when the user wants to have privacy while browsing through a website and then the error can come up. The “avast setup is already running” error asks the user to look into the setup later.

All the basic user instructions are mentioned in the article above which can be used by the user and fix the problem. If none of the above-mentioned solutions for the error work then the user might have to get in touch with the technical team and then let them solve the issue.

The avast technical support team is always available to the users to cater to their needs and problems and resolve them as efficiently as possible.

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