Ark: Survival Of The Fittest beginner’s strategy guide

The key to winning an adventure survival game is to hold on amidst all adversities and steer your way through obstacles. Ark: Survival Evolved is an interesting adventure survival game where the battle lies in thriving in the wild, building an environment, and surviving against all odds. The Survival of the fittest is a spin-off of the Ark: Survival Evolved, developed in 2016.

Comparing both games, Survival of the Fittest is a PVP (Player versus player) game with around 60 players pitted against each other. The Ark: Survival Evolved is a PVE (Player versus environment) game. The main goal one wishes to achieve in the survival of the fittest is to be the last man on the island after killing their competitor.

Ark: Survival of the Fittest – 5 Important Tips for Beginners to Follow

When playing Survival of the fittest, which is a level higher than Survival Evolved, there are certain things that players must keep in mind. Read on to learn about the tips for a better game.

1.    Make a good start

Your start is crucial and will determine your future performance in the game. As the battle begins, players are positioned near a central pillar, with bags or boxes full of loot. You could run into the center and grab one of those bags to procure something useful. However, you can run in the opposite direction into the woods or jungle if you have just started and are unarmed. The bags could be a death trap set by players with powerful weapons. If you are a beginner, the best strategy would be to flee. While other players are getting at each other over the boxes, you could indulge in collecting resources, crafting material, and taming dinosaurs.

2.    Know about the dangers and evolution events

Evolution events are changes occurring throughout the game. The charm lies in the strategies and techniques players tactfully implement to survive the challenges. For example, one of the major events is acid rain. Once you see them coming on the map, take shelter as early as possible. Exposure to the rain could take a toll on your health and damage your armor.

Beast Within is another evolution event and one of the most dangerous ones. During this phase, even the herbivores turn aggressive and wouldn’t spare you if spotted. In Daytime Swap, the timeline gets swapped. It’s nighttime during the day, and vice versa. So, players must adapt to the changes, lest they could perish.

Besides the evolution events, there is danger in every nook and corner, one wrong step, and you’re gone. Beware of the death wall, too, as it could kill you if stranded outside it for long. Also, avoid hitting lizards that lay on the ground unless your weapon is sharp enough. They fly if injured and could sting you when in flight. As a beginner, avoid the river as you could run into the risk of being eaten by deadly fish.

3.    Craft your material well to survive longer

Be careful in crafting, as that would ensure longer survival. You would have to grab rock piles and bushes to craft materials. A cloth armor made by picking up piles of fiber from the bushes could prolong your survival. A stone weapon should be the next choice you could use to cut rocks and break trees to collect flint and wood. You could do these tasks manually, but it may damage your hand. Once you gather your supplies, find a hiding place for yourself and your accessories.

4.    Tame as many dinosaurs as possible

Taming dinosaurs is one of the key factors to success in the survival of the fittest. Carnivorous dinosaurs are better than their herbivorous counterparts since they do more damage. Moreover, if the dinos have a saddle, you can ride high and stay out of harm’s way. Carnivores heal faster than herbivores responding well to meat when force-fed. Having a dinosaur with you would make your battle in the survival of the fittest less difficult.

5.    Practice your aim well

In this death game, practicing your aim first with guns, bows, and spears before taking the final plunge is essential. One miss could put you out of the game. So, be careful.

These useful tips will help you proceed through the game safely, especially if you have started as a beginner. Trying several tricks and hacks like the Ark aimbot hack would help you keep your aim at the point, increasing your chances of winning the battle.


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