9 Beginners Tips For Battlefield 2042

Published in 2021, Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment in EA’s first-person shooter video game series. It is an intense battlefield set in the near future with dynamic weather, a hazardous environment, and a range of futuristic weapons and vehicles. 

As a beginner, you might get overwhelmed by gigantic maps, complex weapons, and chaotic warfare. But fear not; we have compiled a list of 9 beginner tips for Battlefield 2042. A solid foundation is key to your success on the battlefield, from mastering the basics to refining your strategic thinking.

Whether you are just starting with the first-person shooter franchise or are new to Battlefield 2042, these nine tips will help you make your gameplay more stunning. So, learn the treasure and get ready to dominate the battlefield. You can also check out this cheat for Battlefield 2042 to get the upper hand on the veterans. 

Let’s start with the tips!

  1. Take Time To Practice

Battlefield 2042 is one complex game. There are tons of weapons and vehicles to try, maps to figure out, and movement mechanics to understand. On top of that, you must first learn about the different classes and specialists with their abilities. 

If you are starting with the franchise, we suggest playing on a solo server or co-op matches with bots to practice different scenarios. It will help you understand the game’s mechanics, teach you how to use weapons, and introduce you to the different classes and vehicles. 

Moreover, you can learn to navigate around the gigantic maps of Battlefield 2042. This way, you can improve your planning and strategies of moving around, hiding, and attacking, making good gameplay before dropping into a full-fledged online fray.

You can even find tutorials and guides on the internet or watch other players play to get better. With enough practice, you will be able to dominate your opponents easily.

  1. Figure Out Your Specialist

Battlefield 2042 has about 13 specialists organized under four classes: 

  • Assault: Assault specialists are front-line combat experts with aggressive gameplay and high mobility. Specialists include Zain, Sundance, Dozer, and Mackay.
  • Engineers: Engineer specialists are fortifiers with defensive gameplay. They assist the allies with additional firepower. Specialists include Boris, Mike, and Lis.
  • Recon: Recon specialists specialize in information warfare with scanning and hacking abilities. Specialists include Casper, Rao, and Paik.
  • Support: Support specialists help their teammates sustain themselves on the battlefield by healing or providing utilities. Specialists include Falck, Angel, and Irish. 

Every specialist has a unique specialty gadget and combat trait, shaping their approach to the battle. While Mackay has grappling hooks to move around faster, Boris’ gun can automatically mark and shoot enemies. Similarly, Rao can hack into enemies’ devices, whereas Angel can replenish the allies’ loadout.

Your preferred gameplay will help you select the right specialist for you. Mackay or Sundance will be better options if you like to get into the thick of it with all guns blazing and adrenaline rushing. If staying put and hacking into the enemy’s system is your forte, be a Casper or Paik. 

  1. Use The Plus System

The latest feature in the Battlefield series, the plus system, allows players to change their weapon attachments mid-game. It gives you much more control as you can adapt to the battlefield and change your weapon’s configuration accordingly. 

To reap the most benefits of this feature, set up your weapons with the options you want beforehand. When you need to modify your weapon attachment, go to the plus menu and select the attachment you want, and your weapon will be upgraded. 

With the plus system, you can quickly adjust your weapon without opening any menus, meaning you can continue shooting and survive longer on the battlefield. This is especially useful in intense situations like close combat or switching ranges.

  1. Customize Your Loadout

One of the best things about Battlefield 2042 is that it allows you to customize your loadouts to suit your gaming needs. You can set up Assault, Support, Recon, or Engineer Loadout to swap mid-game with your specialists.  

A Loadout contains a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, an additional open gadget, and a throwable. There is much to choose from SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, marksman rifles, shotguns, and light machine guns. We suggest taking some time before the game to create your Loadouts once you unlock the weapons.  

  1. Stick To Your Squad

In Battlefield 2042, teamwork is key, and the best way to ensure that is to stick with your squad. Stick together, share ammo, and revive each other when needed. You can also use your gadgets and abilities to support your squad and help them achieve their objectives. 

Choose a role for yourself in the team and stick to it. It also wins you tons of XP, leveling up your role. Support your squad by healing or delivering ammunition if you are not actively fighting on the front line. Or be at the back end, trace enemies, and help your team. 

  1. Call-In Vehicles

In previous installments of the Battlefield franchise, players needed to go to the base to get a vehicle and respawn in the combat area. Battlefield 2042 has solved this problem, allowing you to call in a vehicle wherever you need it on the map. 

Many vehicles are available, including jeeps, tanks, helicopters, jets, and attack helicopters. If you need a quick vehicle or your squad requires a lift, call in a vehicle by pressing “B” on PC, holding “RB” on Xbox, and “R1” on PlayStation. 

  1. Play The Objective

Playing and completing the objective is the only way to succeed in Battlefield 2042. The objectives may include capturing Sectors, defending your territory, assisting your team, or playing your specific role in your team.

Fulfilling your objective wins you XP, and you can get a few kills along the way. Now with the Battlefield Portal, you can create unique objectives and gameplay and share them with the community.  

  1. Enter The Hazard Zone With Your Friends

Battlefield 2042 has introduced a new survival mode, Hazard Zone, which is much more challenging. You are divided into fire teams of four players, striving to collect data from the drives in the enemy’s camp. It requires strategic 

This mode is quite difficult if you are planning to go solo. Squad and weapons hold much importance in the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone. So, get your friends alongside you when going on the battle.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

In Battlefield 2042, something is always happening, and it can be easy to get tunnel vision and focus only on your immediate objective. However, paying attention to your surroundings and being aware of enemy movements is essential. 

Look out for flanking attacks, snipers, and enemy vehicles. By being aware of your surroundings, you can avoid getting caught off guard and improve your chances of survival. Take a closer look while respawning; spawn close to the fight but not enough to get killed. 

Wrapping Up!

Battlefield 2042 is an exciting and challenging game offering a unique and immersive experience. However, it can be daunting for beginners, and it may take some time to get the hang of the game. 

Follow these nine beginner tips to improve your gameplay and enjoy the game to the fullest. Choose your class and specialists wisely, communicate well with your squad, customize your loadout, and play the objective. With practice, you can become a skilled Battlefield 2042 warrior in no time!


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